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The Business Edge by Computer Insights, Inc. is an ERP software system that allows distributors of fasteners and industrial supplies to do more, in less time, with fewer people. Their fastener industry focus makes the difference. The Business Edge helps companies across the United States and Canada, ranging from four employees to over 500.

Wireless Warehouse

Do More, In Less Time, With Fewer People

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“The Business EdgeTM and its importing and container system are crucial to our import business. It allows us to track all items on a container easily and allocate all of its associated costs.”
Ken Rosenblatt, Owner @ Hi-Q Fasteners, LLC

Frustrated with your CRM?

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

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“The Business Edge has been a true partner in helping us create one solution for our ERP and CRM software needs. Their team has done a great job listening to our issues and needs to create a powerful tool for our sales team. The newly revived CRM system allows our team to ensure that none of our customers are left behind, leading to an increase in additional business.”
Edgar Flores, Director of Sales @ Monroe Magnus

Sales Tax Laws Driving You Crazy?

Avalara AvaTax Integration

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“Avalara integration through The Business Edge has cut time spent on sales tax and compliance by over 80%. Every aspect of the process is smoother, from Avalara specifying correct tax jurisdictions and tax rates, to remitting sales tax payments to countless jurisdictions across the country. Handling sales tax across multiple states was one of our biggest headaches. Now, thanks to Avalara and Computer Insights, it’s not even a concern.”
Scott Habetz, Owner, STS Industrial, Inc.

Delivering The Goods

ShipEngine Integration

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“I’m very pleased that The Business EdgeTM now has ShipEngine integration. It keeps our shipping processes more streamlined and eliminates the need to jump back and forth to carrier software. Looking forward to them adding the LTL portion of ShipEngine in the near future as well.”
Steve Parham, Solution Industries LLC

Certificate Management

Stop Mistakes & Save Time

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“The Business EdgeTM is THE software for the fastener distribution industry. Computer Insights understands the needs of our industry and delivers the software necessary to run a successful business. We moved from two different systems, one of them very powerful but antiquated and the other was brand new but bloated. TBE is the perfect middle ground, it has everything we need without the extra bloat. With ease, we can manage inventory, including document management for drawings and certs. VMI customers are consistently impressed at the level and detail of data we can provide via TBE reporting to help them reduce inventory turns. On top of it all, the staff at Computer Insights is knowledgeable when support is needed and listens to their customers when there is a suggestion for improvement.”
Jeff Kempka, President Global Fastener & Supply

Container Management System

Simple, Focused, & Effective

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“We were so excited when the Container Receipts System became available within The Business EdgeTM The process of receiving multiple purchase orders is so easy when done on one container. The system calculates the duty fees, then distributes the freight and miscellaneous charges, and calculates a landed cost for each item—good riddance to the days of the timely receiving process.”
Kerry Gonzalez, Process Manager @ FPC Corporation


TBE Mobile

Vendor Managed Inventory, Signature Capture, & More

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“The Business Edge gave us a large advantage by improving our processes and giving us better inventory tracking and far better insight into our data. Since then, it’s grown with us, with no need for big changes when we hit another level. We also really appreciate being able to talk to real, helpful people who go out of their way when we have questions or need help with TBE. I remember being amazed when I called in and asked for another filter for “Print Pick Tickets not Printed,” which would save us 15 minutes a day and have the filter show up in the software a week or two later. The VMI Mobile features save us an incredible amount of time between checking price & inventory, entering orders on the fly, and scanning orders. Signature Capture saves paperwork and makes sending proof of delivery a breeze. We initially got the dC to allow customers to look up their orders and invoices on our website. We quickly realized we should have had it for years already with its ability to attach external documents to documents in TBE.”
Luke Yoder, President @ Epco Sales, Inc.

Credit Card Connection

Clover Connect

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RESTful API Suites

Create Seamless Integrations

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Strategic Alliance

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“Viewing our Thomasnet product images inside The Business Edge and seamlessly clicking a link to the product landing page for additional data has helped the sales team significantly with inquiries.”
Russ Powers, Web Developer @ Monroe Engineering


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