Computer Insights Inc -Wireless Warehouse: Do More, In Less Time, With Fewer People

Computer Insights Inc – Wireless Warehouse: Do More, In Less Time, With Fewer People

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The Business EdgeTM Wireless Warehouse system will add efficiency, reduce errors, and eliminate the stress associated with managing and working in a busy warehouse.

Increased Productivity

The Business EdgeTM Wireless Warehouse features have helped companies more than double their pickers’ productivity. Many clients have reported that their picking errors have been reduced to zero. Scanning license plates on labels assures that the correct item is picked. Problems caused by someone accidentally grabbing and shipping the wrong product become a distant memory.

Taking advantage of The Business EdgeTM intelligent zones allows you to stock high-volume inventory in close and easily accessible locations while storing slow-moving items in more remote locations. Receivers do not waste time searching for a predetermined location or traipsing from one end of your warehouse to another. Pickers get their jobs done much faster by being sent on the most efficient route and never having to search for a product that should be somewhere it’s not. Keeping high-traffic items close at hand and in easy to-access locations reduces receiving and shipping time and helps optimize safety.

People are notified during the receiving process when certifications are required. These notifications prevent missing paperwork and stop any backtracking needed to correct forgotten documents. You can scan all the required documentation, and The Business EdgeTM will automatically associate it with the PO and make it available whenever necessary from that point forward.

The Business EdgeTM records every transaction, who did it, and exactly when. Intuitive inquiries let management see what people have done during the day; this helps them see problems before they get out of hand and provides real-world information to set attainable KPIs for existing and future employees.

The Business EdgeTM keeps track of everything that happens to eliminate the need for handwritten notes and other workarounds that people may have been relying on to keep track of things.

Employee On-Boarding And Retention

Good people are hard to find. Keeping them is also a challenge. If your warehouse workers are constantly stressed out trying to find things, and if picking an order takes longer than it should, you are going to see people burn out, and you will experience high levels of employee turnover. The Business EdgeTM tells the picker exactly where to go and what to pick. It routes them to use the shortest path to complete their tasks. This is a great way to save time and reduce anxiety.

The Business EdgeTM keeps track of random locations without adding extra steps. Using locations based on need helps you store inventory where it is convenient instead of based on the product type. Since the system manages where to send the picker, they don’t need to know the difference between products. Eliminating the learning curve makes onboarding new employees much faster. People can be productive on their first day.

More Sales?

You run the risk of unintended consequences whenever you make significant changes to your business procedures. Committing to a wireless warehouse with random locations is a massive paradigm shift. A few people who switched to The Business EdgeTM Wireless Warehouse let me know that they got more than expected. Once things settled down, they started selling more. They started selling more without conscious decisions to manage the salespeople differently. The only logical reason was that they spent more time at their desks and less time rummaging around the warehouse. Once they trusted what the system told them, they stopped wasting time checking if the products they were committing were available.

Both Kinds Of Green

Doing more in less time translates to higher overall margins. You save even more on paper and printer toner you no longer need. Picking Tickets printed for single-use activities is not desirable for your bank account or the environment.

Wireless Warehouse By Computer Insights

  • Benefits in Receiving
  • Random Put Away with Intelligent Zoning
  • Lot Traceability and Control
  • Barcoded Locations with Scanning Requirements
  • Freedom to Select Location Optimizes Safety
  • Notifications for Required Certifications
  • Ability to Scan Associated Documentation to P.O.
  • Track People’s Activity
  • Benefits in Shipping
  • Drastically Reduce Picking Time
  • Live Inventory Tracking
  • Backorders Automatically Re-Released
  • Immediate Invoicing
  • Electronic Note System for Communication
  • Order Priority Codes
  • Shipping Status Prioritized in Queue
  • Automatic F.I.F.O. Inventory Allocation
  • Customer Specific Labels / Portable Printing
  • Lot Tracking via Routine Cycle Count
  • Eliminate Need for Physical Inventory
  • User Specific Access on Scanner
  • Eliminate Picking Errors


“For Class C Components, switching to the wireless warehouse has made a world of difference. We saw instant increases in our efficiency and accuracy. It allowed us to focus on quality personnel instead of quantity because our processes became more streamlined. Inventory getting allocated instantly when picked helped reduce time looking for product and made our picking process much smoother. Having inventory updated when received has also helped us ensure product is shipped out when able and not missed as it is extremely visible. The implementation was a lot easier than we had anticipated, and we were up to speed with everything extremely fast.”
Brandon Schulze, Warehouse Manager
@ Class C Components – Fall 2022

“We committed to going paperless. Once we realized the impact this had, we road-mapped the entire process with the help of our friends at Computer Insights. Knowing Denny and Dennis for many years gave me comfort that the solution within The Business Edge,TM going paperless, would be a success. Having now gone paperless (in just nine months) from pick tickets, random locations, and filing the usual paperwork in most fastener companies, We have successfully deployed a randomized inventory system of barcoded locations for wireless picking, increasing productivity by 60%, reduced labor 50%, Improved reliability in correct shipments while eliminating secondary inspection altogether. It has eliminated the need for literally thousands of reams of paper, making Haye’s commitment to GREEN a WIN-WIN. Hat’s off to the folks at Computer Insights, Inc. and The Business Edge.TM
Kelly Cole, Vice President, COO
@ Hayes Bolt & Supply – Fall 2022

“We started using the Wireless Warehouse in 2010 when we relocated to a larger facility. Today, I can’t imagine how we operated without it. The Business EdgeTM helped us develop picking and packing processes that were somewhat specific to our needs but changed how we operate in ways I could never have imagined. We are now able to move a lot more product with fewer people. As we continue to grow and add new branches, we’ve been able to fine-tune processes in order processing and overall warehouse management.

I particularly like how moving to bar codes has allowed us to locate material in a manner that does not require a warehouse associate to necessarily “know” fasteners. That’s allowed us to bolster our teams much more quickly. In the past, warehouse people had to know products, materials, and sizes to locate or pick material. Now we simply stock parts where we have space. Associates are directed to parts in the most efficient route through our warehouse. Adding Zone logic that allows us to locate fast-moving products closer to packing areas or in easier-to-reach locations has been a great benefit, too.“
Christopher George, President
@ Fastener Solutions, Inc. – Fall 2022

“We recently consolidated one of our branches back into our main warehouse as we worked to relocate to a new location that was not yet ready. The Move Product License Plate features made the transition much smoother than if we had to track everything manually. Having complete traceability during the process has largely minimized business disruption.”
Mark Matula
@ Quality Fasteners – Fall 2022

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