Epco Sales, Inc – Here To Help You Succeed

Epco Sales, Inc – Here To Help You Succeed

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It began in 1978 as a car care product and cleaning chemical sales venture. Earl Peachey called his new company Epco. His motto was genuine value and a heart for the customer’s actual needs. His list of smiling customers grew in bounds, and soon he added fasteners and power transmission to the lineup.

Glenn Yoder bought the enterprise in 1987 with the vision of continuing to build the service legacy of Epco as a local fastener and maintenance supply company. It was a small beginning involving the whole Yoder family. Unloading trucks by hand and working in an unheated barn eventually gave way to broader offerings and bigger facilities as the customer base expanded. Now Glenn’s sons, Luke and Tim, have taken ownership.

Business owners, purchasing agents, service managers, and maintenance managers are continuing to discover the one-of-a-kind company Epco has become. Small enough to serve its clients exceptionally well yet large enough to give breadth and depth of products – it’s a perfect match for the metalworking-related enterprises that make up the fabric of our communities.

Epco Sales is your trusted source for premium industrial supplies, including fasteners, lubricants, tools, abrasives, and more. They work with businesses of all sizes to deliver the products you need. Their straightforward service pricing tiers and service packs allow you to choose a service based exclusively on your company’s needs.

Industries Served

  • AG Repair & Manufacturing
  • Machine & Welding Shops
  • Truck & Trailer Repair
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Factory Maintenance Departments
  • Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Vendor Managed Inventory & Service Packages

Epco’s VMI & Service Packages evolved because they focus on providing exceptional customer service. The last thing maintenance departments and component buyers should be worried about are the thousands of “little” parts they need on hand to get the job done. What began as bin checking at our customers’ request has turned into full service “service packages” that deliver the product to exactly where our customers need the product when they need the product.

Industrial Fasteners

Epco Sales began as a family business in the late 1970s. They pride themselves on providing quality fastener products with exceptional customer service. Whether you have a small or large company or you’re shopping for your farm or factory, they will partner with you to get the job done. They offer customized service & maintenance plans at tier pricing.

No matter the trade, job, or industry, there is a fastener product right for your specific line of work. Epco carries the fasteners you need to get your job done right the first time with thousands of in-stock fastener products in a broad range of materials.

If you are unsure what your application requires or what products you need, you can contact them for more information about their industrial fasteners. Ready to get started? You can request a quote or buy directly from our website today.

Hand Tools, Power Tools, & Abrasive Tools

Epco is unlike most fastener suppliers; they know you have enough to do, so they help make your life a little easier. They have daily delivery routes and straightforward service plans located in Northern Indiana. They offer a wide inventory of performance tools and other high-quality industrial supplies for your custom application.

Ask their sales staff about our specialty service packs and tier pricing options. Are you looking for premium quality tools and equipment? Request a quote today.

Wire Cables, Cargo Chains, & Towing Supplies

Are you looking for a reliable supplier you can trust? At Epco Sales, they believe in building relationships with their customers. Too many people experience price creep and a lack of follow-through from their distributors. The Epco team of experts is honest, friendly, and focused on providing the highest quality products with service designed to make your job easier.

When pulling out stuck equipment, fixing a trailer, or tying down a load, the last thing you need is faulty fittings or a snapped chain. In this line of work, quality means everything. It is the difference between a successful job and one that will keep you up long after quitting-time.

Epco has what you need if you’re looking for
precision towing supplies.

Power Transmission Products

Power transmission products assist in the delivery of power from its generation origin to where it’s needed to drive performance. Whether your project requires bearings, v-belts, pulleys, sprockets, roller chains, detachable chains, shaft couplers, or any other type of PTP product, Epco Sales stocks the products you need.

Electric Equipment

Electrical wiring and connections are the nerve center of any job. For an electrical job to be done right, the highest quality products must be used. You can trust that Epco will deliver items you can rely on.

Lubricants, Cleaner Chemicals, Adhesives And Antiseize

Machines can’t function and perform to their maximum capabilities without high-quality lubricants and chemical products. Lubricants help to keep your motor or machine running smoothly. Whether you are searching for premium motor oil, penetrating oils, hydraulic fluid, or grease and gear oils, Epco Sales stocks the brands you can trust.

Safety Supplies

No matter the trade or industry, safety supplies provide the protection and peace of mind that come with completing a job safely and effectively. Epco Sales premium safety supplies are manufactured to industry standards, providing the protection you need for all job types. Whatever safety supplies your job requires, Epco has what you need.

Software Helps Deliver Results

Luke Yoder shared how The Business EdgeTM by Computer Insights, Inc. makes them efficient and helps them keep their customers satisfied. “The Business EdgeTM gave us a large advantage by improving our processes and giving us better inventory tracking and far better insight into our data. Since then, it’s grown with us, with no need for big changes when we hit another level. We also really appreciate being able to talk to real, helpful people who go out of their way when we have questions or need help with The Business EdgeTM. I remember being amazed when I called in and asked for another filter for “Print Pick Tickets not Printed,” which would save us 15 minutes a day and have the filter show up in the software a week or two later. The VMI Mobile features save us an incredible amount of time between checking price & inventory, entering orders on the fly, and scanning orders. Signature Capture saves paperwork and makes sending proof of delivery a breeze. We initially got the dC to allow customers to look up their orders and invoices on our website. We quickly realized we should have had it for years already with its ability to attach external documents to documents in The Business Edge.TM”

What People Are Saying

“EPCO has worked hard to mitigate lead times on the large volume inventory movers for our company. It has helped that EPCO checks the slow-moving inventory that we often don’t think to re-order in a timely fashion. EPCO’s next-day fulfillment of orders has been much appreciated.”
Arlyn Miller, Operations Coordinator @ PWI

“Whenever I need something custom, they will always try their best to have it made. Prompt service and attention to detail.”
Levi Helmuth @ D H Machine

“It has really helped us from running out of stock; they have been good at adjusting quantities to meet our needs and all on a level we can communicate with. I appreciate that it is a personal check– not some high tech vending machine dispenser. I like that we don’t have to watch the levels. We know they are going to take care of it. EPCO is really good at what they do.”
Ervin @ Bremen Broach/Kemco Manufacturing

“Recently, EPCO started stocking GRK screws. That helped us a lot. EPCO’s VMI means I don’t have to be concerned about bins being empty. EPCO is always there and does everything possible to help us out.
Orlan @ A & R Machine Shop

For More Information

Epco Sales Inc
112 Industrial Parkway E
Middlebury, IN 46540
Phone: 1-800-671-9852
Dennis Cowhey
Computer Insights, Inc.
108 South Third Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-2912
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