Computer Insights Inc – Container Management System

Computer Insights Inc – Container Management System

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Overseas Shipment Visibility

The Business Edge TM allows you to see when things are on the water and when to expect them without hunting for the information. You can easily track all of the items on any container. Information is available to everyone that needs it, fully integrated into the screens they already use. If you are managing your inbound inventory outside of your ERP system, important information is difficult to find for people who need to see it. Avoid losing money and customers over miscommunication.

The features make it easy to keep track of everything related to your imported products without leaving the system or storing anything outside The Business Edge. TM

Container Information

  • Carrier
  • Carrier’s Container Number
  • Vessel Name
  • Port of Origin
  • Port of Entry
  • Scheduled Departure Date
  • Expected Arrival Date
  • Container Status

Increase Your Landed Cost Using Cost Distribution Categories Defined By You

  • Port & Harbor Fees
  • Duties
  • Tariffs
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Storage
  • Additional Costs

With our well-organized approach to managing your in-bound containers, you can offer superior service to your customers with less effort than before. Having the information at your fingertips ensures that the data is available for customers on a timely and accurate basis no matter who in your organization they contact.

Simple Receiving & Accounting

Multiple purchase orders can be assigned to a single container. The packing list your supplier provides at the time of shipment is used to pre-receive the product before it is physically received.

When a container ships, the value will automatically post to your Inventory-on-the-Water general ledger account. When the container arrives and is verified, the inventory is immediately on hand, and the value moves from your Inventory-on-the-Water account to your Inventory Asset account.

The Business EdgeTM Container Management System enables you to enter the tariffs for each type of product that you import. The duty setup in the tariff will increase the landed cost of the product based on a cost, weight, or piece. Tariffs can optionally be set up with different duty amounts per country.

Once the container is shipped, invoices can be applied to the container. These can be invoices for the product or expenses you have defined, such as freight and insurance.

Valuable Reporting

Inquiries and reports satisfy the most demanding accountants.

The system keeps track of raw and landed costs. The detailed allocation of these costs can be viewed in the Container Inquiry. Cardex inquiries show the increase of the landed cost for the duty and expenses applied to the container each time it happens.

Inquiries include the container information, the purchase order’s Original & Current Promised Dates, and the shipment’s Expected Arrival Date.

Container reports include Open, Shipped, and Updated containers. There is also a Container Shipped as of Report, which will enable you to view shipped containers as of date back in time.


“ECC has been using the container system for several years now, and not only do I love it as the buyer but my sales team and warehouse love it too. From a purchasing aspect, when I make shipments from overseas, I enter it in then those parts are flagged. Now my sales team knows parts are on the water and know approximately when they will be here without going to a different screen. For my warehouse, once the shipment arrives and they verify it is correct, they just receive the container all at once. The Business EdgeTM also created a special report for the containers on the water that our accountants needed. This feature has been amazing for Engineered Components Company.”
Kevin Corona, Director of Procurement & Planning @ Engineered Components Company

“The Business EdgeTM and its importing and container system are crucial to our import business. It allows us to track all items on a container easily and allocate all of its associated costs.”
Ken Rosenblatt, Owner @ Hi-Q Fasteners, LLC

“We were so excited when the Container Receipts System became available within The Business EdgeTM The process of receiving multiple purchase orders is so easy when done on one container. The system calculates the duty fees, then distributes the freight and miscellaneous charges, and calculates a landed cost for each item—good riddance to the days of the timely receiving process.”
Kerry Gonzalez, Process Manager @ FPC Corporation

“Before GIC started using The Business Edge’sTM Container Management System, everything was tracked on a shared spreadsheet. Operators had to keep track of sale dates, carrier information, and purchase order data manually. Now that we utilize the container system included within The Business Edge,TM all this information can be entered quickly and available for everyone to access. Additionally, all freight and tariff charges can be easily applied to the container receipt, and the product costs are updated in real-time. The container system has definitely been an added value to our company. Thanks, Computer Insights team!”
Greg Parker, General Manager @ Global Industrial Components

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