Fastco, Inc – Quality Bolts, Nuts & Screws Since 1963

Fastco, Inc – Quality Bolts, Nuts & Screws Since 1963

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Decades of Problem Solving

Fastco Inc was founded in Tacoma, Washington, in April of 1963 by Eddie Nabbefeld and Don Joyner. Both Eddie and Don worked for a large steel fabricator in town and realized there was no fastener distributor around that could handle their needs, so they decided to start Fastco and solve the problem themselves. At one time, Fastco had distribution of both Bethlehem Steel and RB & W products which back then was almost unheard of; Nabbefeld and Joyner put a great deal of emphasis on integrity and relationship building and managed to pull it off.

Consistent Loyalty & Success

Fast-forward nearly 60 years, Don Joyner retired and since passed away. Sadly Eddie Nabbefeld passed away on May 20th this year, but came to work right up to the end of April. Lonny Murrey, Eddie’s business partner, still works there today. Lonny began his fastener career at Fastco in 1980 and never looked back.

Fastco goes above and beyond for its customers and works very hard to take care of its employees. There are three employees whose careers lasted more than 40 years at Fastco. Jim Dunn, a long-time Fastco Employee, started at Fastco fresh out of the Air Force in 1968 and is still working there 54 years later.

Industry Focus & Technology

Since Fastco’s roots came from the steel fabrication industry, they have always put an emphasis on structural bolts. Fastco stocks a full line of plain and galvanized import and domestic structural bolts. They can also thread and bend steel to make anchor bolts, clevis rod assemblies, and other construction products. Over the years, Fastco expanded to become a full-line distributor, which includes general bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, Sherex rivet nuts, Bolt Hold Asphalt anchors, and many Simpson Strong-tie anchors and construction screws.

Today Fastco uses The Business EdgeTM software by Computer Insights, Inc. to run its business. When founder Denny Cowhey promised Fastco “could do more work with less people,” he was spot-on. Fastco relies heavily on The Business EdgeTM for inventory, accounting, and documentConnection to track and store the vital information its customers need and expect.

The Business EdgeTM software, coupled with Computer Insights’ fast and friendly support team, helps make Fastco’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. At Fastco, we like to sleep well at night, so we do everything with honesty and integrity, even in the little things. Fastco believes this recipe for success will keep them going for many years to come.

Ready To Help

Fastco has serviced the needs of manufacturing, construction, and other industrial and heavy-duty industries since 1963.

Their Tacoma, Washington hardware store stocks industrial fasteners of many sizes and styles, including many hard-to-find fasteners. Their large inventory, industry expertise, exceptional customer service, and speedy shipping make Fastco, Inc. your friend in the fastener business.

Quotes From Our Customers

“We simply love working with the employees at Fastco! They are excellent at communication and accuracy. I am continually amazed at the speed in which they are able to produce orders. I highly recommend you give them a call if you are looking to work with a company with employees who care.”
General Mechanical

“Great people, got everything I needed with prompt service.”
L. Anderson

“Always excellent service and best pricing around, A+ operation.”
M. Grylls

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