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Enhance Efficiency & Customer Service

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient inventory management and seamless order processing are crucial for the success of fastener distributors. Computer Insights, Inc. has revolutionized the industry with its ERP system, The Business EdgeTM, offering powerful features such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Signature Capture. These functionalities have garnered immense praise from industry leaders who have experienced firsthand the transformative impact on their businesses. Let’s explore how these features have helped fastener distributors optimize operations and elevate customer service.

Streamlined Inventory Management With VMI

The Business EdgeTM mobile programs are designed to run on various devices, including iOS or Android smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. This flexibility ensures that users can leverage the power of TBE Mobile on any device, regardless of their location. The system facilitates real time two-way communication between mobile users and the main system, empowering remote users to stay connected and productive. The intuitive interface, like any other app on the device, enables users to navigate effortlessly and maximize efficiency.

The VMI Mobile App from The Business EdgeTM has proven to be a game-changer for companies like Ababa Bolt, A & A Bolt & Screw, and Epco Sales. Larry Lockshaw from Ababa Bolt lauds the user-friendly interface, simplified processes, and instant access to inventory information. The VMI system empowers distributors to track usage, control inventory levels, and offer extensive customer service options, as Andy Rodick from A & A Bolt & Screw highlighted. This comprehensive solution saves valuable time and resources, driving cost savings and improved efficiency.

Real-Time Data Capture And Transfer

TBE Mobile capabilities are native to The Business EdgeTM system, resulting in an unparalleled speed of access. Field personnel can leverage various features, and Computer Insights, Inc. continuously adds new capabilities to meet evolving needs.
Customer Inquiries, product information, and order processing are seamlessly integrated into the mobile platform. The ability to access up-to-the-second information empowers representatives to provide exceptional customer service and make informed decisions on the spot.

The Business EdgeTM enables real-time data capture and transfer, revolutionizing fastener distributors’ operations. Jill Zoschke, President and CEO of Class C Components, praises the system’s ability to provide instant access to critical information, such as product trends and usage. The fast order transmission speed offered by the VMI program ensures quick and accurate order processing, setting industry benchmarks. Luke Yoder, President of Epco Sales, highlights how Signature Capture has eliminated paperwork, simplified order entry, and enhanced proof of delivery processes.

Exceptional Customer Service And Support

The success of fastener distributors heavily relies on their ability to deliver excellent customer service. The Business EdgeTM has been instrumental in achieving this goal, as testified by several clients. Arne Henriksen from Engineered Components Company applauds Computer Insights, Inc. for their responsiveness and support during challenging times, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to accommodate remote workstations at no additional cost has been particularly valuable. Additionally, Bill Donahue from Arnold Supply, Inc. emphasizes the company’s deep knowledge and commitment to customer service, describing Computer Insights, Inc. as an invaluable partner.

Leveraging Technology For Enhanced Operations

The Business EdgeTM empowers fastener distributors to leverage modern technology. Randy Clark, the Ace Bolt & Screw owner, credits the system for enabling error-free operations and providing comprehensive usage reports. Mark Peterson from Class C Components highlights the system’s wireless updates and downloads, seamless order transmission, and features like open-order visibility. Integrating various functions into one tool, including email, scanner, phone, camera, calendar, and planner, has further streamlined daily operations.

Optimizing Inventory Levels and Forecasting

With customized VMI programs offered by Computer Insights, Inc., fastener distributors can achieve significant time savings and increased inventory turns. Jeff Kempka, President of Global Fasteners & Supply, explains how calculated stocking levels based on historical data and forecasts ensure timely product availability, even during production spikes. Accurate inventory management allows distributors to meet customer demands consistently and uphold their reputation as reliable partners.

Embracing Technological Advancements

Bill Weldon, General Manager of Industrial Fasteners & Supply, emphasizes the importance of keeping up with technology to meet customer expectations. The Business EdgeTM enables distributors to eliminate data entry errors, streamline operations, and stay ahead of the competition.

Summary & Implications

Time and efficiency are of utmost importance to fastener and industrial supply customers. By utilizing The Business EdgeTM and TBE Mobile, fastener distributors can offer their customers significant time and cost savings, showcasing professionalism and efficient performance. Providing world-class service while eliminating paperwork gives businesses a competitive advantage in the market.
Computer Insights, Inc.’s ERP system, The Business EdgeTM, has transformed the fastener distribution industry by offering cutting-edge features such as Vendor Managed Inventory and Signature Capture. The testimonials from industry leaders reinforce the significant impact of these features on efficiency, customer service, and operational excellence. By leveraging these powerful tools, fastener distributors can streamline their processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

What People Are Saying

“The VMI Mobile App from The Business EdgeTM Software program has significantly improved efficiency in our company. The App is user-friendly, easier, and more simplified than our previous software program. This program took our VMI Service to the next level with instant access to our inventory and immediate data transfer capabilities. The support from Computer Insights Customer Service Representatives has been amazing.”
Larry Lockshaw @ Ababa Bolt

“The Business EdgeTM was a game changer for A & A Bolt and Screw as it relates to Inventory Management. This pioneering software has allowed us to track usage and control inventory levels which in turn saves time and money. The Vendor Managed Inventory System has allowed us to offer extensive customer service options to a wider customer base with greater accuracy and time management. The Signature Capture feature of The Business EdgeTM allows A & A to track real-time deliveries and affords proof of delivery as well as many other beneficial features. The Business EdgeTM is integral to A & A Bolt and Screw’s success.”
Andy Rodick, President @ A & A Bolt & Screw

“The data entry back at the office is completely eliminated. Since it is all fully integrated into The Business EdgeTM there is virtually no chance for error. The Customers want to do business with people that are keeping up with technology.”
Bill Weldon, Owner @ Industrial Fasteners & Supply

Start Saving Time & Money

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