Better Beats Bigger

Better Beats Bigger

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When Alvin and Mae Rodick started A & A Bolt & Screw Company in 1979, it would have been hard to imagine the tremendous company it would grow into. They started in the garage of their family home. It wasn’t long before they needed to rent warehouse space to accommodate their growing inventory. Their hard work and the dedication of the ever-increasing staff members were beginning to pay off.
After nine years, A & A Bolt & Screw Company acquired a 45,000-square-foot warehouse. This warehouse, located at 1110 Batavia Farm Road in Rosedale, MD, remains the company’s primary location. In 1991, an additional 80,000-square-foot warehouse was purchased. A & A Bolt & Screw Company had over 125,000 square feet of fastener inventory between the two locations.
After installing The Business Edge by Computer Insights, Inc. and fine-tuning their business practices, they needed less space. In 2020, A & A Bolt & Screw Company sold their 80,000-square-foot warehouse and continued to increase sales. New efficiencies and accuracies allowed them to shed extra space and inventory while increasing sales, customer satisfaction, and employee morale.

Large Inventory

A & A Bolt & Screw stocks all types of fasteners ready for pickup or fast delivery.
Their inventory consists of standard and metric fasteners – of all sizes, all grades, and material types. In addition to fasteners, A & A Bolt & Screw Company sells complementary product lines such as anchors, all-thread rods, cutting tools, and industrial supplies. They are a one-stop shop for their customers’ needs.

  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers
  • Socket Products
  • Construction Anchors
  • Threaded Rod & Studs
  • Hand Tools & Power Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Abrasives
  • Fastener Repair
  • Industrial Supplies

In-Stock Specials

Their in-stock inventory includes hard-to-find fasteners, large bolts, and anchors, usually special order items.

Experienced Staff

As a family business, the children “grew up with it.” While Alvin and Mae Rodick continued to run and oversee the company, they groomed their two eldest sons, Andy and Alan, to take over the helm when the time was right. In 1993 the business was purchased by Andy & Alan. Andy & Alan continued to manage and grow the company with the help of trusted employees and following the principles their parents instilled over the years – outstanding service and quality.
Their sales specialists are dedicated to finding the product you need for your project and ensuring you receive it promptly. They have years of experience in the fastener industry and use that experience to find exactly what you need.

Turn Of The Century Upgrade Needed

President Andy Rodick looked back and shared, “As our business continued to prosper and expand, it became apparent that we needed a computer system to manage our daily activities. Inventory had grown to nearly 200,000 SKUs; our internal office systems were no longer up to the task. We needed better inventory control, accounting software, and customer data support. These had not been updated in several years. We needed to upgrade to maintain the high level of service that helped us build our reputation.”
Andy explained their exhaustive search. He said, “As a result, in 2000, a search began for a computer system that would capture our extensive inventory information. We also needed it to provide the necessary accounting and business systems infrastructure. Until then, all inventory was recorded and maintained on a card inventory system. Also, the financial information was not on an integrated computer system, meaning the customer invoices and certifications had to be manually typed on a typewriter. After two years of research, we decided that Computer Insights and The Business Edge were the perfect match for A & A Bolt & Screw Company.”

The Business EdgeTM Is A Perfect Fit

Andy continued, “Once the decision was made to partner with Computer Insights, Inc., extensive time was invested in creating the item part number system. In addition, a physical inventory was conducted, which enlisted the help of 25 individuals. Once all the data was loaded into the system and testing was done, A & A Bolt & Screw was ready to go live. January 1, 2003, A & A Bolt & Screw went live with the new computer system.” Having heard horror stories about other computer system implementations that had not gone well, the Rodicks carefully chose the right software. Even though they had limited computer experience, they responded well to Computer Insights’ online training methods. Andy commented, “Getting trained in such short sessions and having time to practice between the sessions was a perfect way to bring all our people up to speed.” Many people in the company were not computer literate, so hand-holding and good training sessions were one of the keys to the success of the installation.
Andy stated, “Choosing Computer Insights as a partner was the right decision for A & A Bolt & Screw Company. Looking back, I can’t imagine how we managed without it.
This computer system enables us to provide topquality customer service. It provides management with critical inventory data, including usage and purchasing reports. It has revolutionized our operations and helped us grow into the future. Twenty years have passed since going live, and we are certain we made the right choice in partnering with the people at Computer Insights.”

Vendor Managed Inventory

A & A Bolt & Screw offers a variety of services to accommodate special orders. They can deliver and set up fastener storage and replenishment systems for your company. They label and manage the inventory of your fasteners on a schedule that is convenient for you. Since they manage the inventory, your bins are always stocked regularly and filled to the level you request.

  • Packaged Fasteners
  • Bagged Products
  • Barcoding
  • Email & Fax Ordering
  • Special Packaging


  • Local Delivery via A & A Trucks
  • Will Call Pickup
  • UPS Shipping
  • Freight Shipping

More Information

A & A Bolt & Screw, Co. is located at 1110 Batavia Farm Road Baltimore, MD 21237. Contact Andy Rodick for more information at (800) 638-4540 or online at

Computer Insights, Inc. is located at 108 3rd Street, Unit 4, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Contact Dennis Cowhey, President, at (800) 539-1233, email or online at