Computer Insights, Inc – Celebrates their 25th Anniversary

The Business Edge – The Best Software for Tracking your Hardware

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Computer Insights Celebrates their 25th Anniversary
Computer Insights, Inc. celebrates their 25th anniversary this year. They are the developers Highly dosed with Sildenafil for better absorption. It sure works for me purchase cheapest viagra. Our pharmacy is the leader in delivering medications throughout the world. of The BUSINESS EDGE. This software package is specifically for the Fastener Industry. It is the only software solution that is designed exclusively for all types of fastener companies.

The company was canadian propecia started on June 4, 1981 by Dennis R. Cowhey, (Denny) President. It was originally formed to provide custom programming services for clients in the Chicago metropolitan area. Their clients were buy canada viagra Distributors and light Manufacturers. In 1994, at the suggestion ordering real viagra from canada of Dennis E. Cowhey (Dennis), Denny’s son, they decided to develop a specific Vertical Market Software Solution and thus The BUSINESS EDGE was born.

Denny is responsible for introducing the product to the industry, while Dennis is homemade viagra the creative director of the software. He defines the overall design that is executed by the programming staff. During the first two years of development they continued to sell to strictly local clients. They successfully converted 24 of their existing “custom” clients over to The BUSINESS EDGE. During that time they added staff, decided on the industry to serve and created their unique Online Training methods.

In 1995 they added Diane Miller, General Manager, to their staff. Her responsibilities are to oversee day to day operations and supervise their online implementation and training. Diane had been General Manager for a $50 Million Distributor; one of Computer Insights clients, for 12 years. That company was sold, so she became available and they snapped her up.

In 1996 they began selling The BUSINESS EDGE nationwide and in Canada. Now they have Fastener Distributor and Fastener Manufacturer clients all over North America.

During a recent interview, Dennis R. Cowhey, President, explained the need. “In the future, our clients are going to be forced to do more work, with fewer people, in less time, with greater accuracy. There is just no avoiding that. And they are going to have to do this with no Industry Standards, so they need flexibility above all.”

Fasteners are unique
Fasteners are a unique product category. As Class C Components they often account for only 2% to 3% of the end users purchases. As such, they are often an afterthought for the customer. In order to succeed, fastener companies must anticipate their customers’ needs. They must be able to respond to customer created “emergencies” with world class service. They can’t afford not to. The fact is that they are selling a commodity product. They are at risk of losing their customer if they don’t solve the problem. Every order counts.

Cowhey said, “Fasteners are often not a “big deal” to the end user until they are needed. However, they quickly become impatient if they can’t get their answers in a single telephone call. That’s why we have the answer to every question right at our clients’ fingertips. We spent thousands of hours sitting with people servicing their Customers. We watched Customer Service Representatives taking orders, placing Purchase Orders and expediting shipments. We changed The BUSINESS EDGE over and over again until the screens exactly matched the questions that they are asked. Now our clients know everything when their Customers call. There are no call backs, no wasted motion. With The BUSINESS EDGE one call truly does it all.”

“Beyond that, our clients are selling thousands of products that are very similar, but not identical. Their system must help them get the right product every time. Detailed Customer history is at their fingertips so they often know more than their Customers do about what the Customers need. This creates Customer loyalty that cannot be created any other way. This is a business where a $50.00 order can quickly turn into a $500.00 mistake. If you have ever air shipped a heavy product and personally delivered it to replace incorrectly shipped product you know what I mean. This is not only expensive; it can easily cost you a customer.”

Pricing is a big key to success
“Pricing is another huge issue for Fastener Companies. Pricing in this Industry runs the gamut. It could be anything from List Price with Discounts including Volume Discounts, to Cost Plus Pricing with Volume Discounts to “what the market will bear” Pricing. Some of our clients use Commission Driven Pricing, similar to the methods used by large successful companies like Lawson, Bowman or Kimball Midwest and others. We have provided amazing flexibility. The BUSINESS EDGE covers all of these pricing requirements and more. Many of the methods that we support are specific to the Fastener Industry. They are not even available in ordinary Distribution Systems.”

What do we call the part?
Cowhey said, “I know of no other product category that has more Alternate Part Numbers for a Part. I know of no product category that has as many Different Descriptions for internal use and selling use. I know of no other product category that has as many Part Numbers that can be up to 39 characters long. I know of no other product category that can have as many Vendors for exactly the same Part. Naturally, the Vendors all have their own Part Numbers just like the Customers do. It’s like the Tower of Babel. All these issues are handled efficiently with The BUSINESS EDGE. They are not an afterthought. They are what we do.”

Automated Replenishment saves time Most Distribution Systems have Replenishment Systems. The BUSINESS EDGE has an Automated Replenishment System that exactly matches the needs of a Fastener Company. The System knows that some products can be placed directly on Purchase Orders, while others need to go out for Secondary Processes or be sent out on Requests for Quote. Purchase recommendations can be based on usage, current demand, min/max or any combination of those criteria.

If the client has multiple branches, the Automated Replenishment System can propose a Transfer. If the client is a Manufacturer, the system will prepare a Work Order and a Purchase Order for Raw Materials if needed. Purchase Orders and other documents are all created automatically with one click approvals and they can be printed, faxed or emailed directly from the Automated Replenishment Screen.

Lot control & traceability “Lot Control, Traceability and handling Secondary Processes are often big issues for Computer Insights clients. Many software programs attempt to handle these, but it is rare to find a system that has an efficient method of handling these issues. Many do not actually maintain traceabilty and often the Lot Control features are bolt on’s and they are like “barnacles on a ship”, they are there, but they aren’t doing the ship any good.”

No “loose ends” with the documentConnection Inbound Faxes, Scanned Drawings, Certifications, Delivery Receipts, Shipping Confirmations, etc. are all fully integrated into The BUSINESS EDGE database. Documents are automatically attached to the Customer, Vendor, Product or Salesperson file and then they are available at the click of a button. No more lost faxes, no more missing drawings, no more question about what the Purchase Order said means better service with less effort.

UPS integration cuts costs
The system has complete integration with the UPS Worldship System. All shipping information is transmitted to the UPS Worldship System by simply scanning or keying in the Sales Order Number. The UPS Worldship System then updates The BUSINESS EDGE with Tracking Numbers, Shipping Charges and other pertinent information. There is Internet Freight Tracking in The BUSINESS EDGE and UPS (and any other shipper who’s Tracking Number has been entered) can be tracked for up to the minute information with a single button in The BUSINESS EDGE.

End to End integration The BUSINESS EDGE is designed with these needs in mind. It offers Computer Insights clients complete end to end integration of all the important functions of their business. The system covers everything from Quote and Order Entry, to Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Purchasing with Automated Replenishment, to Vendor Managed Inventory at remote customer locations.

The BUSINESS EDGE even has an optional Manufacturing System that is fully integrated with all of the other areas. It is the only system that is dedicated solely to the Fastener Industry that will handle everything from the manufacture to the end use of the product. While The BUSINESS EDGE includes complete integration to the General Ledger, it is not just an accounting system; it is a true business process system that assists in every single aspect of running a Fastener Company.

People are time starved
Cowhey said, “Our clients just don’t have time to become computer experts. They have businesses to run. Yet they really need the power of a well organized and industry specific software system. That is where we come in. We install the system. We convert data from their old system. We completely train all of their users. The training is done online in two hour personalized sessions. “

“They can make the transition from their old system with an absolute minimum of disruption to their company. Most of our clients do not have any IT people on staff. We are their IT people. We manage their servers remotely, so all they have to be concerned about is their individual PC’s and Windows Network. Those items can be easily handled in-house or with a local system integrator.”

Manufacturers benefit too The BUSINESS EDGE has an optional manufacturing system that allows Fastener Manufacturers to easily control their manufacturing processes. With fully integrated, easy to use reports, the system analyzes inventory and customer requirements to help determine what jobs need to be manufactured. On a product by product basis, the BUSINESS EDGE manages the different finishes of the same part to decide what products need manufacturing and what products need to be sent out for finishing. In house finishing is seamlessly integrated into the work order for shop floor control.

With up to the minute reports, The BUSINESS EDGE produces easy to use scheduling scenarios that show each machine’s schedule and also the entire schedule for a job. This allows the production manager to quickly identify constrained production areas and make changes to the schedule. Shipping estimates in Order Entry update immediately as the production manager changes the production schedule.

As part of the daily production recording, labor, setup and machine hours are easily recorded allowing comparisons to job cost estimates and previous production runs. No more having to round up all the figures at the end of the month – collection of the data is real-time and part of a daily routine. Integrated inspection and Statistical Process Control charting allows machine operators to quickly enter inspection data to maintain for lot traceability. The BUSINESS EDGE quickly creates the SPC Chart for the operator to see if the process is still in control.



  • Customer Order Entry
  • Checks Credit and Inventory Status
  • Multi-Level Pricing – Contract Pricing
  • Price Override per Line Item
  • Automatically Produces Back Orders
  • Calculates Order Profit and Commissions
  • Integrated Lot and Location Control
  • Multiple Units of Measure per Product
  • Order Booking Reports
  • Customer and Product Back Order Reports
  • Blanket Order Scheduling System
  • Automatically Generate PO’s from Orders
  • Automatically Converts Quotes to Orders
  • Integrates Quotations, RMA’s and Orders
  • Point of Sale and Counter Sale System


  • Invoice Data Flows through Order Entry
  • Direct Invoice Entry
  • Checks Credit and Inventory Status
  • Credit Memo Processing
  • Sales Journals – Multiple Sequences
  • Invoice Printing – One, All, in Process, Alpha
  • Cash Receipts Enter and Edit
  • Cash Receipts Reports and Analysis
  • Enter and Edit Customers, Salespersons, Terms, Customer Classifications, Tax Authorities
  • Customer Lists, Labels, Inquiries, and Notes
  • Customer Statements – Print, Fax & Inquiry
  • Aged Receivable Reports and Analysis
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Customer Inquiries and Notes (CRM Lite)
  • Salesperson Inquiries & Notes


  • Enter, Edit, & List Inventory Products
  • Product Classifications & Families
  • Re-Order Point & Stocking Criteria Analysis
  • Up to 39 Character Part Number
  • 234 Character Description
  • Multiple Units of Measure per Product
  • Variable Decimals per UOM: Quantity, Cost and Price
  • Tracking by Product – Location, Lot, Tag #
  • Multiple Locations & Lot per Product
  • Import Vendor Catalog Information
  • Critical Inventory Reports & Analysis
  • Inventory Balance Status Reports
  • Physical Inventory System
  • Fully Integrated into All Other Systems
  • Product Master List Available
  • Bill of Material – Multi-Level Processing
  • Secondary Processing – Product Lot & Tag Traceable
  • Product Inquiries, Reports, Labels
  • Complete Cardex System Shows all Details
  • Print Product Labels (Bar Code Available)


  • Produces Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Tracking Status Reports
  • Purchase Order Back Order Generation
  • PO Receipts – Invoice Matching
  • PO Receipts – Sales Order Matching
  • PO Receipts – Packing Slip Matching
  • Vendor/Product History Reports
  • Vendor Request for Quote
  • Vendor & Purchase Order Inquiries & Notes
  • Processing PO System


  • Enter and Edit Accounts Payable Invoices
  • Accounts Payable Check Processing
  • Purchase Order Receipts – Invoice Matching
  • Debit Memo System
  • Multiple Account Posting
  • Prior Period Posting
  • Partial Payments on Invoice Posting
  • Aged Payables Reports & Analysis
  • Cash Requirements Reporting
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Manual Check Entry
  • Enter and Edit Vendors and Vendor Terms
  • Vendor Reports, Lists, Inquiries and Notes
  • Custom Tailored Accounts Payable Checks


  • Completely Integrated into All Other Systems
  • Automatically Updated on a Real Time Basis
  • Journal Entry System
  • Multiple Period Processing
  • Multiple Financial Statement Formats
  • Multiple Company Processing
  • Division/Cost Center Reporting
  • Comparative Income Statements
  • Comparative Balance Sheets
  • Income Statement Spreadsheet
  • Summary and Detailed Inquiries and Reports
  • Export Financial Information to Excel


  • All Reports Offer Multiple Period Reporting
  • All Sales Analysis Data Exports to Excel
  • Product Sales Analysis – by Product, Customer, Salesperson, Ranking
  • Customer Sales Analysis by Customer, Product, Salesperson
  • Salesperson Sales Analysis by Salesperson, Customer, Product


  • Enter and Edit Quotes
  • Print, Fax or View Quotes
  • Change Quotes to Orders
  • Quote Reports and Analysis
  • Customer, Product and Quote Inquiries

Optional Features


  • Begin Tracking with Bar Codes Upon Receipt
  • Real Time Tracking of All Inventory
  • Tracks Part No., Lot, Location, Quantity…
  • Tracks all Receipts, Movements, and Adjustments


  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Take Orders with Palm Pilots
  • Integrated Bar Code Scanners
  • Automatic Order Entry to System
  • Maintain Customer Inventory Levels

eCommerce B2B SYSTEM

  • Complete Browser Interface
  • Product Search
  • Order Status
  • Purchase History
  • Pricing Inquiry
  • Open Invoice Inquiry
  • Inventory Balance Inquiry
  • E-Mail Acknowledgements


  • Completely Integrated into All Other Systems
  • Jobs to be Manufactured Report Based on Customer Orders and Stock Levels
  • Sales of Produced Products Based on Kits, Assemblies and Multiple Finishes
  • Production Scheduling
  • Job Priorities by Process
  • Product Specifications
  • Maintains Inspection Data
  • SPC Charts Created Quickly
  • Manufacturing Cost & Variance Reporting
  • Track Open and Closed Corrective Actions
  • Pareto Analysis of Problems
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules
  • Machine Tool Life Tracking
  • Device Calibration Entry and Status Tracking


  • Export Shipments Directly to UPS
  • Imports #’ for One Button Web Tracking


  • Browser Interface
  • Receive and Distribute All Faxes On-Line
  • Link Faxes to Customer, Order, Purchase Order, Processing Purchase Order, Vendor, product, lot …
  • Immediate document retrieval from Inquiries
  • Scan and Save Packing Lists, Product Drawings, Certificates of Analysis, …


  • Fully Integrated with Able Label
  • Pictures of Product Directly on Label
  • Multiple Label Colors and Sizes

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