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Brighton-Best Connection

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Seamless Supply Chain Integration
The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 is now integrated with Brighton-Best’s (BBI) web based ordering system. Users of The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 will soon be able to access Brighton-Best’s inventory and pricing information directly from within The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0. This seamless supply chain integration is called the Brighton-Best Connection.

Leadership Position
Brighton-Best is the only “One-Stop-Shop for Fasteners.” They have earned that position with their rapidly expanding product lines, their competitive pricing, their emphasis on quality and their commitment to customer service. They have a stated goal of “providing the lowest total cost and highest overall value” and they are doing it. They seek to introduce efficiencies into the supply chain from the supply side, within Brighton-Best themselves, and with their customers. The announcement of this integration is the latest in a series of forward thinking steps that they have taken with their customers in mind.

System Eliminates Double Entry & Errors
Distributors can search for inventory, check availability and place purchase orders directly through Brighton-Best Connection. Brighton-Best has established an impressive web presence and these services are offered through Brighton-Best’s web-ordering system, but the process was a separate step. Now, when a BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 client wants to place an order with Brighton-Best, the client can search for availability, check pricing, and place the purchase order directly into The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0. Once it is entered, the purchase order is sent directly to Brighton-Best.

Once the order is confirmed, Brighton-Best submits the acknowledgement directly to the purchase order in The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0. The whole process is effortless and seamless. It ensures immediate response and 100% accuracy. It completely eliminates the need for double entry of information. It speeds up the entire process.

THE BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 allows you to save time with Automated Replenishment
Most Distribution Systems have Replenishment Systems. The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 has an Automated Replenishment System that exactly matches the needs of a Fastener Distributor. The System knows that some products can be placed directly on purchase orders, while others need to go out on Processing Purchase Orders or be sent out on Requests for Quote. Purchase recommendations can be based on usage, current demand, min/max or any combination of those criteria.

If the client has multiple branches, the Automated Replenishment System can propose a transfer. Purchase orders and other documents are all created automatically with one click approvals and they can be printed, faxed or eMailed directly from the Automated Replenishment Screen. Orders to BrightonBest that are created by the Automatic Replenishment System are posted immediately to the Brighton-Best System. The time saving and improvement in accuracy adds significantly to the bottom line.

The Brighton-Best Connection Key Features

  • With the Brighton-Best Connection, BBI becomes the most convenient and best value vendor that you could choose.
  • Check real time inventory availability and pricing right from The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 inquiry screens.
  • Enter purchase orders into The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 with up to the minute pricing.
  • Place purchase orders on the Brighton-Best’s server with the touch of a button inside The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0.
  • Brighton-Best part numbers are added to your existing inventory numbers as part of the installation.
  • Brighton-Best purchase order confirmations are automatically posted to The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0.
  • Easily add Brighton-Best product numbers to new products entered into The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 (Brighton-Best’s complete inventory is included).
  • Upon shipment, Brighton-Best invoices are posted to The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 automatically and without error.
  • The entire process is streamlined.
  • If you have Brighton-Best drop ship – The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 can automatically bill your customers based upon invoice receipt from Brighton-Best.
  • Many individual steps are completely automated.

You make more money in less time, with less effort and with no errors.

Common Missions
The strength of Brighton-Best is their ability to redefine the channel and to build efficiencies throughout the distribution process. Inventory availability is the core of Brighton-Best’s value proposition and their mission is to create value for their customers, vendors and employees. Computer Insights has similarly defined their goal to drive cost out of the distribution process every step of the way. Hence, with a shared vision and purpose, this partnership was an easy decision for both companies.

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