Abbott-Interfast – Innovation is Their Tradition

Abbott-Interfast – Innovation is Their Tradition

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Most buy generic levitra people in the fastener industry know that Abbott-Interfast is over 50 years old and a leader in the industry. They are probably best known for best price levitra their Steloc brand of industry approved stop nuts. However, not everyone is aware of the tremendous innovations that the company has contributed to the industry. They actually have over 20 patents.


One such patent is a sealing locknut called the HYDRA-LOK™. With the HYDRA-LOK™, you can achieve zero leakage at threaded points. This precision-engineered locknut Superb product and the pharmacy service is superb every order !!! Levitra pharmacy compare cost, today, oral tablets are the most common ED treatment. This is one of them. uses Zytel nylon for its insert. It is I am very pleased with this company and these products they saved my life for UTI Viagra online pharmacy many rogue pharmacies are happy to bypass a doctor’s prescription in order to win your business. most effective under pressure. It has enduring elastic cherche site levitra properties. The HYDRA-LOK™ aids in sealing around threads and bearing surfaces. It can eliminate “O” Rings, packing anaerobics, gaskets, washers, sealants and surface preparations.


Abbott’s long history in the industry has given it sourcing sophistication. If they don’t manufacture it, they know where to source it, including internationally. Assembly, Kitting & Bagging orders give Abbott the opportunity to call on their long term relationships in the industry to get diverse products and assemble them or collect and bag/kit them for their customers convenience. Inventory tracking systems must be able to track and monitor each and every one of the many parts involved. Furthermore, they need to be able to manage the transition from many parts to a single assembly or a bag/kit.


When is a screw not just a screw? When it is a SplitStop™ high performance wood screw, a screw with a 5-feature patent.

  • Its shank slot pre drills the hole and taps for threads.
  • Its fine thread provides better control and holding power.
  • Its knurled shoulder compresses wood fibers and eliminates lateral compression.
  • Its countersink cutters cut a countersink hole to whatever depth is necessary.
  • Finally, its square drive reduces slippage and prevents damage to the screw’s finish.

These high quality deck screws are offered by Abbott’s Titan Metal Werks, Inc and are available through retail home center stores throughout the Midwest. They carry a lifetime warranty.


Bob Baer, Vice President – Operations pointed out, “Many people don’t realize that we really are a manufacturer.” He said that the company (located at 190 Abbott Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090 847-459-6200, has a 100,000 square foot facility that includes complete manufacturing facilities as well as a large stock of finished goods inventory. They have Automatic Screw Machine Equipment, including Davenports, New Britans, and Acme-Gridley’s as well as a full job shop for special parts and secondary work.


Product innovation can mean simplicity in the product application, but it often means additional complexity in the manufacturing process. Keeping track of all the components, in process and finished products is a key ingredient to success. Abbott has elected to apply extensive use of computer technology to their business and inventory management needs. Bob Baer stated, “Tracking our product as it goes out to each of our captive manufacturing companies or outside plater; knowing where it is at all times, and maintaining lot control on each of the components is a huge benefit of the Processing PO System offered by the software package that we use. It is called The Business Edge”. Jim Calabrese, Senior Vice President – Sales said, “In our old system those items would appear and disappear like blips on a radar screen. It used to be very difficult to know the exact status of a job.” Bob said, “Now we have complete control of these parts, whether or not they are in house.”


Early on, Abbott recognized the importance of computer systems in managing their thriving business. Their system is more than just an accounting system. It contains vital sales and marketing information that helps them maintain their competitive edge. Jim Calabrese said that for the first 45 years of their existence, they had an “in house” system that was developed by their staff of programmers. He stated, “That computer system was designed for, and bore the personal imprint of our President. A change to software that was not developed by us was going to be a significant culture change as well as a systems change. It had to be able to do what the old system did and more in order to pass muster.” Bob Baer said, “We needed full consensus before we were ready to make the switch.”

The Business Edge

When they replaced their in-house system in 1998, they chose The Business Edge from Computer Insights, Inc. (800-539-1233 Jim said, “A critical moment existed and The Business Edge helped fill the breach. It was the very real necessity to be able to track our inventory more closely. Every dollar that is laying in that inventory which is not put to use is not an asset at all. We regard inventory as an asset. In a very real sense, on the other side, inventory presents a pretty big handicap and impediment. With The BUSINESS EDGE, we have been better able to track our inventory and that has been a significant contribution.”


Jim Calabrese said, “Higher sales is something that you always seek but you may not be able to get. However, effective management of your inventory is something that is always a benefit. Operating profitably is not only a function of sales. It is a matter of how effectively you manage your assets. The Business Edge has been instrumental in helping us manage those assets.”


Abbott has a tremendous reputation for consistent and cost effective performance. With over 100 million fasteners in stock and the systems in place to track them effectively, they can help you with most any fastener need.

For More Information

Bob Baer
190 Abbott Drive
Wheeling, IL 60090
phone: (847) 459-6200
Computer Insights, Inc.
108 South Third Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108-2912
Phone: 800-539-1233
Fax: 630-893-4020