On Time & Right – The Name Says It All

On Time & Right – The Name Says It All

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In May of 2002, when Dave Faflik decided to go into business for himself, he took a unique approach. His first official act was to send out a letter to all his business associates, both Vendors and Customers that said, “… We are a new company in South Florida with experience in the industry and integrity in proven performance. Our formation is based on the truth that “United we Stand”. United with our Customers, our Suppliers and our People… we will do business the “old fashioned way” by doing what we say we are going to do.”

Of course we all know a lot of people who say that they are going to do a great job, but very few of them are willing to stake their entire business reputation on it. Just talking with Dave and looking at his military bearing, you know that he is serious about his commitment. He is serious about performance, but he is also very intent on building relationships. He says that the two go hand in hand.

Experience is One Key Element

During a recent interview, Dave said, “20 some odd years ago, I was introduced to the Fastener Industry. We were sourcing things, selling things and buying things. The company was making a lot of money due to the efforts of some very talented people; People, that are successful and still in the industry today. The tools that we used were the telephone, the fax machine and card-ex. These tools worked, because we were in the communication business then. ” Dave observed that product quality, product mix and product availability are extremely important, but the information, the relationships and the ability to respond to changing situations are all just as critical as the quality of the products.

He added, “OT&R was established knowing we are still in the communication business, with many more demands on us, our suppliers and our customers. As a distributor, our mission is to provide value to our customers by delivering products and services “on time and right”. Being a startup company, I had the opportunity to consider and evaluate what it would take to really deliver in today’s market.”

Tools Change, the Relationships Stay the Same

Dave stated, “Through the years in the business, relationships with customers and suppliers were developed. Without that initial ingredient, we would not be talking. In order to meet the demands, we knew that we would require tools far beyond the card-ex system and the fax. The use of computer systems as an information manager and the Internet as an information vehicle are now the “nuts and bolts” of successful communication. In today’s society we want it better, smarter, faster, and of course, more cost effective.”

Picking the Right Information Tool

When he was asked about the technology that he chose, he was quick to say, “I had worked with companies that used industry specific software and I knew how important it is to have the right tool for the job when it comes to information systems. When I was introduced to The BUSINESS EDGE by Computer Insights I was thrilled that it was “all that” and then some… better, smarter, faster, and more cost effective. I recognized that as a startup company with great expectations, I would need to do it right the first time and build OT&R around the best people I know and the best system I could grow with, and of course at a price I could afford.”

He went on to say, “I am proud to say that we are growing because of our valued relationships with our customers and suppliers. We are growing because of our valued people. And we are growing today through tomorrow because of the valued system selected to manage our business. Our “edge” is The Business Edge.”

“The Business Edge literally maintains every aspect of our business; from Quoting & Order Entry, to Purchasing & Inventory Control, to Accounting & General Ledger. It walks the talk that many large established companies are preaching. To be able to do business, logically, the way we know it should be done, and to have a system that works for us vs. us working for it is proving to be a huge asset.”

Dave concluded, “As we grow we are committed to staying close to our customers and suppliers through our communication. We are committed to staying responsive to our customers and suppliers through our system. I trust that as we stay focused on the execution, the results will follow. It is an awesome opportunity to be able to “do what we say we are going to do”, and have the resources to support it.”

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