How would TBE handle #6

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

We have items in our inventory that we sell just as we have them, but also from time to time we need to send one of those items to a machine shop to have them modified and then have the machine shop send the modified item on to another company that then adds plating to it, and finally it is returned to our inventory but under a different item number from the one it started. What is the procedure your system uses to:

  1. remove the item from inventory but keep its value on our books
  2. set up payables to the machine shop & platers for their work and have these amounts added to the value of the part.
  3. to receive the item into inventory under the finished item’s ID with the additional cost

The Business Edge has a complete Processing Purchase Order System which allocates the product to the PPO process and completes all of the steps listed above. The value of the components and labor and or expense costs are used to create the value of the finished product.