How would TBE handle #5

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

On a multi item purchase order that is issued to a vendor, it may arrive in multiple shipments on multiple days having multiple packing lists. We must be certain what the vendor shows on heir invoice matches what we have received in our system when we setup their invoice for payment. The problem arises from our person entering the vendor invoice for payment not knowing our product, or our item numbers. So if say for instance, the vendors invoice does not match up in the same order as the packing list then the person entering the invoice does not know if what the vendor show on their invoice matches what we have received in our system. How would your system handle this situation to be sure you have properly matched the invoice with the receipt?

Vendor Invoices for PO Receipts are tied to the PO Receipt in Enter Vendor Invoices. After entering the Invoice Amount, you click a button to see all accrued documents for that vendor. If there is more than one receipt there will be more than one PO with the PO Number. The original might be PO 5000, subsequent receipts will have a suffix of 5000-01,5000-02 etc. for each receipt. If a matching total is not found there is a button to view the document further. In most cases there is a match by totals only. If further investigation is needed there is a button on the same screen to view exactly what was received. If you have a large amount of partial shipments the receiving department could also write the revision number on the Packing list to further speed up the Invoice process.