How would The Business Edge handle?

How would THE Business Edge handle the following?

A customer wants to place an order that is 90% the same as a previous order. Is there a way to copy and modify a previous order without having to re-enter it?

The system has a Duplicate Order feature. You can simply call up the previous Order, duplicate it and edit it to conform to the current requirements.

How would THE Business Edge handle the following?

Assuming your system has a way to send a vendor a request for pricing and delivery that has been generated by the system. Can and how would you be able to make changes and send to other vendors?

When entering a manual Request for Quote, the system enables you to attach multiple vendors to each line item on a Request for Quote. Multiple Vendors can also be preselected to default by Product Class. When you submit to multiple vendors the system creates the required number of RFQ’s. The Automatic Replenishing System uses this same feature and also enables you to copy all items from one RFQ to a new RFQ for a different vendor.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

We have some customers that come by our sales counter and only pick up a small amount of material that by itself is not worth the cost of the invoicing process, so we hold it and every time they come by we keep adding to the same “hold” sales order until one of two things happen:

  1. The amount is large enough to be invoiced
  2. The month ends (now considered a monthly billing)

These customers could be handled the same way. You could allocate items to an order and have new pick tickets only include un-allocated (shipped) items for future additions. This would show the inventory as allocated – not available. You could alternatively use the Periodic (monthly) billing feature where you invoice as they pick up but only send a monthly invoice summary of what they purchased throughout the month.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

We have some customers that are using a third party company to handle paperwork from issuing orders to receiving invoices for payment. This makes us duplicate our efforts. We must enter everything in our system then we must go online and enter it there too. Can your system offer any way to make this more efficient? The third party companies we must include several major VAN’s

Each of these would be customized based on your customer and the third party handling the transactions. This would be a custom billable project.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

What do you have to do if the customer wants with their invoice:

  1. A copy of the signed delivery receipt
  2. A copy documents such as Mill Test Reports or MSDS sheets that are electronically stored on the server

The Business Edge has an optional system called documentConnection Scanning and a Certificate Management System that completely integrate those functions. Delivery Receipts can be scanned and attached to the Invoice. Certs can be automatically added to Orders and automatically print out with the Packing List.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

How does you system handle sending invoices to:

  1. more than one person at different address
  2. More than one means (one by fax, one by mail and one by email)

The Send Invoices Routine will E-mail, Fax and or Print your Customer invoices. You can e-mail invoices to more than one e-mail address by separating the e-mail addresses by a comma. You also have the ability to setup an email address to copy or blind copy. If there is no e-mail or fax number in the customer invoice output setup the invoice will print so that they are all sent out one way or another.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

How does your system handle if our customer and or vendors want their part numbers and or their bar on our packing list, invoices and purchase orders.

The Customer and Vendor Part Numbers are tied to your internal part number in the Inventory file. When you select a part for a Customer or Vendor that has their own Part Number the system will automatically select it. All forms and labels are customized as mentioned previously; our clients typically print their Customer and Vendor Part numbers on their documents. You can also have a different description tied to their Number if you would like it to appear differently on the documents they see.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

A customer orders some items that he needs groups of them tagged with the same information (like the job it is for). For instance the customer orders 100 of a bolt that he wants 10 of them tagged 4010, 10 tagged 501 and the next 10 is tagged with a different number until all 100 are accounted for. Then he orders 60 of a different bolt that he wants 20 pieces tagged with that same job 4010 and another 20 are tagged with that next job 501 and last 20 tagged with next job number. Does your have an easy efficient way to handle this special tagging.

Each quantity can be entered on a separate line of an order putting the Job Number in the line Comment. Customer Package labels can then be formatted to print the Line Comment. All forms and labels are customized to your specifications.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

We have items that we modify and sell as a different item. For instance we take a 12 foot piece of all thread rod that we cut into smaller pieces and sell as stud bolt instead of all thread rod. How does your system handle this so the all thread rod is removed from stock but the order to the customer show the stud bolts and the system know the cost of each stud based on the cost of the rod.

The Business Edge uses the PPO System. This process can be done ahead of time or while Allocating the Order using the Quick PPO.

How would The Business Edge handle the following?

How does your system handle paying a vendor with a credit card instead of a check, while maintaining vendor as the vendor the item was purchased.

The Vendor invoice is entered and then paid through a Credit Card Pending GL Account. This can be done in one step. The invoices should be kept in a file to reconcile with the Credit Card Statement. When the Credit Card bill is entered those charges for vendor invoices are then coded to the Credit Card Pending Account.