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As a Fastener Company, are you being forced to do more, in less time, with greater accuracy, with less people? If so, you have come to the right place. The Business Edge is unlike other Distribution and Manufacturing software.

The Business Edge™ IS SIMPLE
You need a system that will handle your complex needs, yet be easy enough for your existing personnel to use. In order to do that, the system has to be easy to understand. It needs to handle all of the various complex transactions that your business requires. You don’t want to have to use a “work around” to get your work done. Every time you have to do something outside your software, you introduce time wasting, errors and confusion. In order to be truly useful, the software must be both comprehensive and easy to use. Easy to use is easy to say, most software does not deliver on this promise.

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When we designed The Business Edge™, we went to our clients’ locations and we observed their employees actually doing their work. We designed and redesigned our screens until they exactly matched the activities that occur in a Fastener Company. The system has all the same visual cues, mouse clicks and keystrokes, regardless of the function that you are performing. The result is that once you understand any part of the system, you intuitively understand the entire system. Cross training is a breeze. New hires get up to speed in hours, not weeks. Implementation is easy and much quicker than other systems. The Business Edge is truly a different kind of software.

The Business Edge™ IS FOCUSED
We developed The Business Edge strictly for the Fastener Industry. All of our software development and marketing efforts for the past 16 years have been directed at Fastener Companies. We have software that handles all aspect of the industry, from Manufacturing, to Distribution, to Vendor Managed Inventory and more. Our industry focus pays off hugely for our clients since it completely eliminates the usual “communication gaps” that occur when the business people are trying to explain to the technical people what is needed.

We know how important pricing is to you. We understand that in order to be effective, labels have to be an integrated part of the system, not an afterthought. We realize that in this industry, many Customers and Vendors will have a different part number for the exact same part. We built into the system the ability to change Units of Measure on the fly. We allow for up to 39 characters for each of the part numbers (yours, your Customer’s or your Vendor’s). We have built in features that handle “What the market will bear” pricing. We even have a “Crystal Ball inquiry” that shows all the product that is coming and going out in the future, so you can “rob Peter to pay Paul” with existing Inventory on the floor.

When it comes to Inventory Management, we have the easiest to use and most sophisticated Automatic Replenishment System available. This system actually examines all the information about usage, on hand position, open Sales Order, open Purchase Orders, Lead Time and Stocking Objective.

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Based on the information that it finds, it actually produces Requests for Quotes for items that can be ordered from many Vendors. Then it creates Purchase Orders for things that are always ordered from one Vendor e.g. branded products, or products that have a preferred vendor. Then it looks at the products that must be kitted or processed (plated, drilled, through hardened, etc.) and it creates Processing Purchase Orders for them. Finally, it looks at the raw parts that are going to be needed to produce these products or kits, and it creates Requests for Quote or Purchase Orders for the raw parts as well.

All the documents are already created, eliminating hours of data entry and eliminating errors. You simply review the documents and have the system eMail, Fax or Print them to send them to your Vendors. All through the entire process, you have complete access to all the information that you need in order to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

The Business Edge™ IS EFFECTIVE
In order to be truly effective, a system must be more than efficient. It must not only do things easily, it must do the right things easily. The only way to really know the right thing to do is to immerse oneself in the industry. That is what we have been doing for almost 20 years. We are big enough to properly serve your company and we are small enough that we still have Client Service at the absolute top of our priority list.

With the introduction of The Business Edge ™ we are continuing our tradition of service and excellence. All of our existing clients will receive The Business Edge upgrade at no additional charge. This is unheard of in the Distribution or Manufacturing Software business. We know of no competitor that has done this. Our full Graphical System is not only offered at no additional charge, it also shares the database with our traditional “Wire Frame” Character based screens, so that each user can decide for themselves to use the old or the new system.

Every step of the way, we do things from our Clients’ point of view. Isn’t that what you want in a Fastener Software Company?