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With Globe International You Get More

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More Than An importer
Globe International Corp. is much more than an importer and distributor of component parts. They offer a variety of value-added solutions to improve the efficiency of their customers such as custom packaging, mill shipments, painted fasteners, and a stock and release program. With their expanding product line, value-added offerings, and customer base it has always been important for them to leverage technology as they have grown. They maintain state- of-the art software so that they can exceed their customers’ expectation for service, delivery, quality and information.

More Than Just Fasteners
Globe International is a leading importer and distributor of threaded fasteners, door hardware, and galvanized aircraft cable. The company was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1950. The owners immediately began to forge relationships with manufacturers overseas to import bulk fasteners. They understood the needs of the market for component parts. As the business grew, there was an increasing demand to expand the fastener product offering as well to import and distribute products such as door hardware and galvanized aircraft cable. For decades, Globe International grew their customer base to include companies across the United States and Canada.

More Than A Vendor
Steve Weissman, Vice President, explained their customer partnership relationships. He said, “As our customers’ international sourcing partner, our mission is to ensure that we have the highest quality products, when our customers need them, and at the most competitive price.”

More Long Relationships
Globe International’s products are sourced from longstanding suppliers overseas who are capable of manufacturing products in many materials and finishes. They have been importing this material in large volumes for decades. This provides their customers with consistent quality and savings on their procurement costs. They are constantly leveraging their global supply chain to source both standard fasteners as well as specials to print.

Their team’s approach has built strong customer relationships, many of which have spanned decades. Their success can be attributed to the partnerships that they have developed with their customers by supplying them with high quality products, costs savings, and a team dedicated to providing them with an unparalleled level of customer service. Globe International’s global supply chain allows them to fulfill any material need for our customers as their businesses evolve and grow.

More Inventory
In 2006, Globe International opened a distribution center in Riverside, Missouri, which added significant warehouse space and provided a valuable shipping point to cut down on freight cost and lead time for customers throughout the country. The company has rapidly expanded its product offering of nuts, screws, bolts, washers, and anchors while experiencing consistent revenue growth.

More International Experience
They have an experienced and expert team of personnel handling:

  • International Sourcing
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Quality Control

Their staff has grown to keep pace with servicing their customers’ demands for all of their product lines.

More Supply Chain Management
Globe International has always focused on effectively managing every aspect of the supply process from customer service, engineering, purchasing, expediting, shipping, to quality control for their customers. From their facilities in Pennsylvania and Missouri, they stock an extensive line of fastening products and other industrial component parts comprised of thousands of SKUs.

Steve Weissman commented, “Our products are sourced from longstanding suppliers overseas who are capable of manufacturing products in many materials and finishes. We have been importing this material in large volumes for decades, which provides our customers with consistent quality and savings on their procurement costs. We are constantly leveraging our global supply chain to source standard fasteners as well as specials “

More Technology
Steve discussed their technology evolution. He stated, “After working with the same software for many years, we decided to explore purchasing a new system. We wanted a solution that would improve office efficiency and provide better oversight of our expansive supply chain. We had web demos from 5 or 6 software companies that marketed themselves as solutions specifically tailored for the fastener industry. We could quickly see that most of them offered general inventory management platforms, but were missing many of the subtle nuances associated with managing a fastener inventory and supply chain.”

“Fasteners are a very unique product category in that there are very lengthy lead times from overseas and a wide variety of potential secondary processes that need to be accounted for in the software. At any given time, we can have 100 containers en-route to one of our facilities, so clear visibility of the supply chain is of paramount importance. Most of the software system being offered to us were a shoe horn fit at best.”

The Business Edge™
Steve went on. He said, “When we talked to Denny Cowhey, COB of Computer Insights, and we reviewed The Business Edge™ we saw quickly that they were able to separate themselves from the pack. It was obvious that The Business Edge™ was designed by “Fastener People”, and that everyone on Denny’s team had years of experience, just like we do, working in this industry.”

‘The ease of going from the RFQ stage all the way through to billing along with many other industry specific capabilities made The Business Edge™ stand out from the crowd. They checked all the boxes of what we were looking for in a software solution.

More Inventory Visibility
“The system even includes tools like the Import System (Container System), which allows any of our people to easily check the status of material in the pipeline. This system manages containers and LCL shipments and tracks location, expected date of arrival and costs. It also automatically apportions landed cost to the products.”

More Promises
Steve summed it up, “During our initial conversations, Denny assured us that The Business Edge™ would streamline our office tasks. He also made a lot of promises regarding the ease of converting over to The Business Edge™. He also made promises as to how readily available the support staff would be throughout the process. The transition from our old system to he Business Edge™ was seamless.

The Business Edge™ has certainly exceeded our expectations on all fronts and Computer Insights shares our “MORE” philosophy so they have become a great partner.”

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine, Fall 2015

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