Nor-Cal Supply Celebrates 60 buy now online propecia Years!

Nor-Cal Supply Celebrates 60 Years!

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As a long-time niche supplier of Aerospace and Aircraft fasteners, Nor-Cal Supply Company has established quite a reputation. Founded in 1950, and Incorporated in 1957, they are a self-certified small business with millions of parts on hand and levitra mail order extensive sourcing capabilities. Their longevity in the aerospace industry is due buy cialis daily online to their customer service, dependability and product knowledge.

Nor-Cal Supply specializes in aerospace and aircraft fasteners per AN – MS – NAS – NASM what is viagra soft tabs specifications and Mil- Spec hardware and fittings. They stock a huge inventory of over 40,000-line items (over 40 million individual parts!) and have numerous sources for per print specials and hard-to-find parts. In most cases, orders placed by 2pm PST will ship the same day.

Aerospace, Aircraft & Military
Since 1950, they have been providing AN, MS and NAS fasteners to the aerospace, aircraft and government sectors. Nor-Cal Supply has built a reputation for friendly service, quality parts and on-time delivery. Certifications are available on most items.

Their Quality Management System meets the standards of MIL-I-45208 and MIL-I-45662 and they’re an approved supplier for NASA Ames, NASA Armstrong, Rolls- Royce Engine Services, Sandia National Laboratories and many more.

During a recent interview, Sam Anderson, President said, “Longevity and dependability are qualities we take pride in at Nor-Cal Supply Company. We are a full- line fastener distribution company that specializes in certified aerospace, aircraft and mil-spec fasteners. Our customers depend on us to deliver the correct product with the correct certifications for every order.”

They have an extensive library of the most recent aerospace specifications, as well as classic aviation materials and cross-references to service the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft MRO
  • General Aviation
  • Electronics
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers ¤ Warbirds/Restoration
  • Military/Defense

The Business Edge™
Sam added, “In 2012 we implemented a new computer system, The Business Edge™ from Computer Insights. From that time on, we have been able to maximize our customer service because we have all the information at our fingertips. Not only can we see what parts are available, but we also have immediate access to the Certifications that are available with each part. The Certifications automatically go out with the parts each time they are shipped. Additionally, if the customer loses the Certs, a quick call or e-mail will get the Certs replaced immediately. We have instant access to all the Certs for products that have been shipped with complete lot control and traceability.”

Inventory Management
Sam also said, “Now that we have implemented The Business Edge™ we found that we are able to keep much better track of our inventory and usage. The result is that our in-stock percentage of often used products has improved dramatically, while we reduced our overall investment in inventory. The system even has an interface to (an inventory sourcing network) so that we can more easily find the rarer parts.”

A Rich History
Nor-Cal Supply Company was founded by Sam Johnstone, a former Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps. The company started as a war assets distributor for the War Assets Administration of the federal government and specialized in military parts, equipment and hardware. By the late 1950’s, Nor-Cal Supply narrowed its line of distribution to aircraft and aerospace hardware, ended its partnership with the federal government and in 1957 became a California Corporation. The company was first located at several Quonset huts on the north field of Oakland International Airport and moved to its present location, a 15,000-square foot office and warehouse facility in San Leandro CA, in 1962.

Mr. Johnstone continued to lead the company and served as President for the next four decades. In 1999, Sam Anderson, Mr. Johnstone’s grandson, joined Nor-Cal Supply full-time. Although Mr. Anderson had worked at the company on and off since he was 10 years old (in the warehouse, pulling stock, sweeping the floors, etc.), it wasn’t until he graduated from college that he was brought on full-time. Today, Nor-Cal Supply Company is in its third generation of family ownership being led by Mr. Anderson.

About Sam Johnstone (1919 – 2009)
Mr. Johnstone was a Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps. (now the U.S. Air Force) from 1941 to 1945. He volunteered for service the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Mr. Johnstone was the pilot of a B-17 (Flying Fortress) on 25 (plus one) missions over occupied Europe in WWII. His bombing group was the first replacement crew of WWII and he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and numerous other medals for his service. Mr. Johnstone served as President of Nor-Cal Supply Company until his passing in December 2009.

Nor-Cal Supply Company has been serving the world’s aerospace and aircraft hardware needs since 1950 as an authorized stocking distributor of AN – MS – NAS – NASM fasteners and Mil-Spec hardware and fittings. We are a self-certified small business and our 15,000-square foot office and warehouse facility is conveniently located next to Oakland International Airport and Interstate 880.

Knowledgeable Staff
The Nor-Cal Supply sales staff consists of knowledgeable and courteous personnel ready to service all of your aerospace and aircraft hardware requirements. They offer a low $35.00 purchase order minimum and are proud of their same day shipping abilities on most orders placed by 2:00pm PST. Specialized stock lists are available on request.


  • Same Day Shipping of Stocked Items
  • Scheduled Shipments (JIT)
  • Full Certifications & Lot Traceability
  • Responsive, Fast Quotes
  • Large Cross-reference Database
  • Extensive Sourcing Capabilities
  • Mil-I-45208 and Mil-I-45662

Experience Pays
Nor-Cal is a great place to do business with. They have the whole package. They have the attitude, people, products, technical information and expertise that you need. All their information is at their fingertips and that means it is at yours. Give them a try.

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine, Fall 2017

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