Lubker Distribution – The Brighton-Best Connection Saves Time & Money

The Brighton-Best Connection Saves Time & Money

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Lubker Distribution went live on The BRIGHTON-BEST Connection (BBI Connection) in early October. The system is working flawlessly and Rick Lubker, President, is very excited about it.

“…Brighton-Best website is terrific”

During a recent interview, he said, “When Brighton Best International was looking for partners to help launch their e-commerce business solution, Lubker Distribution was proud to be chosen as one of the pilot organizations to help test and trouble-shoot their product. Our group quickly recognized the value in having 24 hour access to pricing, inventory status, and order entry. No longer were we confined to normal business hours, or to a specific sales agent who may, or may not be available at our time of need. Although the solution essentially required us to enter orders twice (once in The Business Edge, then again on the Brighton Best e-commerce site), the advantages still outweighed the additional key stroke activity.”

“…BBI Connection is better than expected”

Rick had high expectations for the BBI Connection before it was installed. He explained, “We were quite sure that the order entry flow would help decrease key strokes and decrease internet navigation. We are quite pleased, it is working as described. We weren’t necessarily expecting the benefit of instant price quotes (literally available – every cross referenced item – on our system with a single key stroke entry) nor were we expecting a complete compilation of inventory data (warehouse stocking location detail and quantities) which were customarily only available following significant e-commerce site perusal. Both of these surprise enhancements have become integral parts of our daily sales and

“…BBI Connection is continuously upgraded”

Rick went on to say, “We know that this is just the beginning. We recognize that additional value enhancements are being developed including ‘on the fly’ part number cross referencing which was added at the end of October. Direct Brighton Best invoice population will be following soon. We eagerly anticipate these improvements and look forward to embracing their content.”

Simple Concept – Big Payoff

Dennis R. Cowhey, CEO of Computer Insights, Inc. listed the principal benefits of the new system for us:

  • With the Brighton-Best Connection, BBI becomes the most convenient and profitable Vendor that a fastener distributor could choose.
  • Distributors can check availability and pricing right from The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 inquiry screens. (this is the same information that is on the web).
  • Users can enter Purchase Orders into The Business Edge with up to the minute pricing.
  • Pricing includes the popular BBI web discount.
  • They can then place the Purchase Orders on the Brighton-Best server with the touch of a button inside The Business Edge
  • Brighton-Best Part Numbers will be added to your existing Inventory numbers as part of the installation.
  • Users can browse the BBI inventory list by product attribute and easily add Brighton-Best Product Numbers to new products entered into The Business Edge (Brighton-Best’s complete Inventory is included).
  • Brighton-Best PO confirmations are automatically posted to The Business Edge.
  • Upon Shipment, Brighton-Best Invoices can be posted to The Business Edge automatically and without error.
  • The entire process is streamlined.
  • If you have Brighton-Best Drop Ship – The Business Edge will be able to automatically bill your customers based upon invoice receipt from Brighton-Best.
  • Many individual steps are completely automated.
  • You make more money in less time, with less effort and with no errors.

Robert Shieh, CEO of BBI added, “The success of the Brighton-Best Connection reaffirms the continued value that Brighton-Best International and Computer Insights bring to our customers who are always looking to achieve more with less.”

“…Good partnerships equal good business”

Rick has a lot to say about the importance of the relationships involved. He stated, “Lubker Distribution has been a long time supporter of both organizations, and has consistently embraced technological change opportunities that help reduce total cost of ownership. Our company was one of the first to launch on-line ordering with Brighton Best, and since our inception has been engaged and operating Computer Insights’ The Business Edge products and services.”

“Value Added has become a clichÉ in our industry, everyone claiming to be unique, but not truly committed to adding value to the relationship with the customer. Computer Insights and Brighton- Best however, are different. The two companies’ commitment and use of technology is ‘leading edge’, both seemingly guided by a keen insight toward new customer acquisition, existing customer preservation, and organic growth. Both organizations could easily rest on the reputation garnered to date, but both appear to maintain a sense of urgency and discipline designed to continue market growth through the addition of true ADDED VALUE initiatives.”

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine

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