Industrial Fasteners, Inc – Implements The Business Edge at One-Third the Cost of Other Software

IFI Implements The Business Edge at One-Third the Cost of Other Software

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Superior Customer Service

Industrial Fasteners, Inc. (IFI) customers can count on a comprehensive selection of fastener products stored in multiple locations. This enables them to react directly to customers needs providing quick and dependable service. They are now known for superior customer service and they have five major warehouses throughout the United States.

IFI specializes in customized services designed to suit their customer’s needs. Custom packaging of fastener kits labeled to customer specifications. Bin stocking programs for OEM and MRO applications. They offer fleet delivery in Oregon and southern Washington. They also provide expedited service for emergency needs.

Valmont, Inc – Parent Company

IFI is part of Valmont, Inc. Valmont is recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in engineered support structures and services for infrastructure, and water management for agriculture. Essential to their success is a company-wide commitment to customer service and innovation, and the ability to be the best cost producer for all products and services that they provide.

Modernization Needed

IFI had the objective of modernizing techniques and increasing their capabilities of wholesale distribution. They reviewed most of the industry standard applications on the market “The Business Edge” was one package that was reviewed early and set aside because it was not a Microsoft Windows based application and didn’t have all the bells and whistles offered by that platform. After calculating the huge onsite implementation and consulting fees associated with the traditional implementation approach, they came to the realization that most applications were just not a good fit for a fastener company.

The Best Choice Was The “Last Resort”

As a last resort they revisited The Business Edge application and found that it was fastener specific software and it fit their business model quite well. Concerns of MS Windows and MS Office integration and ability to use these applications from within this software evaporated upon closer review. The stability, speed, and price of the Linux operating system made it a viable enterprise solution and one they were looking forward to using. After completing a review they realized that “The Business Edge” was the best match of all applications that they had reviewed.

Remote Implementation a Big Plus

Rich Versolenko, MIS Manager, stated, “As I started the purchasing process I realized that this application was a tremendous value at about one third the costs of their competitors. Additionally, their remote implementation model with no onsite consulting is unheard of in the industry. I must say I was a bit leery at first, but having gone through it, it is very effective. Because of the overall cost of this application and implementation process, I was able to move our e-commerce project planned for next year into this year’s budget.”

Software Modifications

He went on to say, “One last thing I would like to cover is software modifications. Every business has some unique ways of doing business that are not covered in canned software packages. We were no exception. The Computer Insights staff has responded to these needs in a very expeditious, professional, and cost effective manner. Suffice it to say I feel that they have gone above and beyond expected levels to ensure our success. These things all come together to make this software and service one of the best buys in the market place.”

System Helps IFI Achieve Goals

Managing the multi-warehouse multi-location inventory is a key benefit of the system. Orders can be split and shipped from multiple warehouses or transferred to a single warehouse for shipping. The ability to decide line by line on an order, how it should be handled, enables IFI to take full advantage of their inventory and provide better service. The entire inventory is available for shipment regardless of physical location.

The system helps eliminate “stock outs” and maintain appropriate margins. It automatically tracks lost sales to provide Purchasing with a view of products that they should be stocking or stocking in greater quantities. It warns if products are being sold at an unacceptable margin and it will even automatically calculate the appropriate minimum price for the Customer Service Person. On the Purchasing side, the system will warn if a proposed PO is a specific percentage more or less than the Default PO Cost. The percentage is set by Inventory Class.

Customers see the benefits through:

  • Up-to-the-Minute Status on Orders
  • Faster Processing
  • More Accurate Information
  • Higher Levels of Customer Service

Best Software Value In The Industry

Lee Kuske, General Manager, puts it clearly. He said “The Business Edge is simply the best value for your business dollar in Fastener Software.”

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