Able Label Offers Full Integration With The Business Edge

Able Label Offers Full Integration With The Business Edge

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Able Label’s new ALWIN software is now available.

This new software offers the latest technological advantages utilizing the popular Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. With 684 label sizes and colors, 1941 fastener pictures in the logo library, 39 different box labels, and 27 different bin labels, Able Label is the choice for more fastener distributors than any other labeling system.

The new ALWIN software (“CI Version”) also includes the capability to seamlessly integrate into The Business Edge. The Business Edge is a leading business processing system designed specifically for fastener distributors by Computer Insights, Inc.

Exclusive Technology and Marketing Agreement

This new development is a result of a recently inked exclusive technology sharing and marketing agreement between the two companies. Able Label and Computer Insights will work closely on new installations to ensure that the high quality of service that their clients are used to getting will continue.

Terry Butcher, Vice President of Able Label, stated, “We have been working toward this day for many years. Our software meets many specific and important needs for fastener distributors and now we have solved the other side of the puzzle. The integration that we have created with Computer Insights into The BUSINESS EDGE enables users to get the maximum benefit out of both systems.”

Fully Integrated ERP System

The Business Edge is a fully integrated system for fastener distributors that handles the entire business processing requirements of those distributors. It handles everything from Order Entry, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Billing, Receivables, Payables, Sales Analysis and General Ledger. It has eCommerce capability, Vendor Managed Inventory, Bin Stocking Programs and a host of other capabilities. The Business Edge can now feed the ALWIN software and produce stocking labels, package labels, shipping labels and bin labels. It fully utilizes the extensive capabilities of the ALWIN software to create attractive and versatile label formats, complete with product pictures.

Dennis Cowhey, President of Computer Insights, Inc., said, “This new development is going to offer a huge advantage for fastener distributors who want to provide attractive and highly functional labels to their customers. The integration with The Business Edge will eliminate any duplication of effort. Since the two systems will operate off the same database, accuracy and ease of data maintenance will be key advantages as well.”

Productivity is the Key

Today everyone has to get more done with less. Customers are more demanding and typically there are fewer people on hand to satisfy the customers’ demands.

Complete integrated systems are the only answer. Users of The Business Edge report huge improvements in productivity as a result of installing the system. Users of the Able Label System report a very high degree of customer satisfaction with the labels that they produce. In the past, these two processes were separate. Now improved productivity can be achieved because the label making can be controlled from directly within The Business Edge. The new system retains all the flexibility in label formats that existed in the original Able Label System, while offering the additional advantages of this integration.

Both the ALWIN System and The Business Edge also run as stand-alone systems.

Network Version

The new ALWIN software, when used with The Business Edge, will operate as a true network system. A single instance of the software and a single copy of the logo database can be used to drive printers all over the company, even at remote locations. This new capability further enhances the versatility and convenience of both of the systems.

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