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Sales Tax Laws Driving You Crazy?

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Over half of the states changed their sales tax laws at the beginning of 2021. That doesn’t take into account local sales taxes. Texas alone has over 1,600 local tax jurisdictions. With all of cialis 10 mg the various taxing authorities out there, you can expect around six hundred tax rate changes every year. Keeping up levitra price usa with the details can be a lot. Do you know where your company has nexus and what tax laws affect you? Does your current software take care of everything cialis health store for you automatically in the background as you go about your business? Do you wish it cialis low price did?

Computer Insights, Inc Partners With Avalara
The Business Edge™ by Computer Insights is a full featured state-of-the-art ERP system that helps businesses streamline their business processes in every aspect of their business. The Business Edge™ eliminates steps from day-to-day activities and provides unparalleled reporting and analysis features. Benefits include intuitive Vendor Managed Inventory systems, direct connections to master distributors with the Fastener Supply Chain Network, Wireless Warehouse Options, Lot and Location tracking, Integrated Quality and Inspection, and much more.

The Business Edge™ became a certified Avalara AvaTax integration in 2019. When activated, the connection talks to Avalara as you work without any extra effort required by you. This will free up the time you are spending managing sales taxes and spend it on more important things.

Sales tax is automatically calculated based on the product type and customer taxability by ship-to address. If an order requires different sales tax rules applied to different line items, you can handle that with a single click of a button.

Do you sell to companies that require custom tax rules? The Business Edge™ makes setting up custom tax rules easy, after they are created they are automatically used when applicable. You do not have to worry about remembering who has special requirements.

Addresses are validated once as you enter them. Your existing addresses will only be validated once when you use them as a ship-to location. Validating addresses ensures the taxes calculated are accurate.

Information is available where you need it and when you need it. For example, if a customer asks why you charged them what you did for sales tax, you can easily see the detailed tax jurisdiction breakdown. Summary and detailed tax reports are available for review. Avalara can prepare and file your returns while distributing payments to all tax jurisdictions on your behalf or you can use these reports if you want to continue to file and remit your own taxes.

Who Is Avalara?
Avalara helps businesses get tax compliance right by partnering with leading ERP systems like The Business Edge.™ Avalara is a publicly-traded company and was ranked one of the fastest growing companies in North America on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500.

The Benefits of Avalara
Avalara’s cloud based features are provided as an a la carte subscription service. You can sign up for just what you need.

  • Calculate Taxes – Per line item based on geo locations, entity-use, and product classifications.
  • File & Remit Taxes – Avalara can prepare and file your returns while distributing payments to all tax jurisdictions on your behalf.
  • Manage Certificates – Taxes will automatically be omitted from exempt sales while managing exemption documents.
  • Evaluate Your Nexus – Based on your sales history, Avalara can show you where you are obligated to file taxes and they can get you registered.
  • Address Validation – The Business Edge’s™ event driven address validation means this can usually be added with no additional cost.

What People Are Saying….

“Projects come down to people and technology. We appreciate the collaboration between Avalara and Computer Insights, as well as our Monroe accounting and implementation teams. The entire team had a win-win-win attitude. The technical implementation is saving Monroe a ton of time processing sales tax across our different state and local jurisdictions. As more states and local jurisdictions put the onus on businesses to collect tax, these partnerships are going to be essential for industrial distributors”
– Dan Hutchinson, CFO Monroe Engineering LLC.

“Avalara integration through The Business Edge has cut time spent on sales tax and compliance by over 80% Every aspect of the process is smoother, from Avalara specifying correct tax jurisdictions and tax rates, to remitting sales tax payments to countless jurisdictions across the country. Handling sales tax across multiple states was one of our biggest headaches. Now, thanks to Avalara and Computer Insights, it’s not even a concern.”
– Scott Habetz, Owner, STS Industrial, Inc.

“Avalara has made what was previously a complex process and technical reporting activity and automated it. Not only has it streamlined our process, it has also improved our reporting and ensures it’s accuracy.”
– Joseph Stephens, CEO, Motor City Industrial

“Avalara has great customer service. Their people are very personable and they keep reaching out to make sure you are moving along in the setup. Now that we have it working in TBE, we like that Avalara not only gets the tax correct, but it also does an address check which helps us reduce shipping errors.”
– Ralph Keepers, Director IT & Avionics, Spencer Aircraft

Get Connected
If you are already lucky enough to be using The Business Edge™ by Computer Insights you are only a few phone calls away from enabling your system to take advantage of all of the Avalara time saving features. Are you looking for an ERP system that will help you run your business more efficiently?

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine, Summer 2021

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