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Delivering the Goods

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Are you spending your time trying to make sure you are delivering your products cost-effectively? If you are, you are not alone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive increase in eCommerce orders. This spike has put a strain on both domestic and international carriers’ capacity. That, coupled with the increasing challenge to find warehouse workers and truck drivers, is driving up shipping costs. It is a lot to stay on top of the constantly changing shipping costs and options. If you are not paying attention, your margins can shrink, or you could end up selling products at a loss. Spending time researching your best shipping method on a daily basis can degrade your customer support as well as your efforts to engage new customers.

Computer Insights, Inc. has partnered with ShipEngine to help expedite the processes related to shipping your products by creating a seamless integration in The Business Edge.™

SHIPENGINE and The Business Edge™

Shipping Carriers
The Business Edge™ connects harmoniously with FedEx, UPS, and the United States Post Office for instant access to rates, shipping options, and package sizes.

Your Rates or Better
View real-time rates based on what you have negotiated with each carrier. Having information on your screen while you enter orders allows you to choose what is best at the moment based on shipping cost, time of delivery, carrier capabilities, and more. This streamlined process will save you time and money. You can possibly get better rates than you already have with ShipEngine’s built-in savings of up to 40% off USPS postage and up to 29% off FedEx.

You will know where your package is, when it will arrive, and when it has arrived with one-click hyperlinks in inquiry screens and PDF documents. When your customer calls about a delivery, the answer is only a click away.

The Business Edge™ uses ShipEngine and Zebra printers to create durable shipping labels. The labels are written in the native Zebra Printer Language for high-speed and accurate printing. Printing to laser printers is also an option.

International Shipments
Shipping international packages are just as easy as domestic shipments, with all necessary invoices and customs forms created for you automatically. The documents are created and printed without additional interaction; you never have to worry about forgetting what is required. The Business Edge™ allows you to store a Tariff Classification in the product file, people taking orders do not have to look them up or remember them.

Address Validation
Small mistakes can cost you dearly financially and can harm your relationships with customers. If you have had to pay just one address correction fee or had a shipment returned because it could not be delivered, it is too many. Incorrect addresses can cause delays and confusion. Live address validation prevents mistakes before your product leaves your building. ShipEngine cross-references multiple databases to validate addresses and identify potential deliverability issues. ShipEngine supports address validation for virtually every country on Earth, including the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Israel, Italy, and over 160 others. The Business Edge™ uses these features to validate addresses as they are entered and validates existing addresses as they are used.

Additional Savings
If you are shipping over 5,000 packages per month, you may qualify for additional discounts.

What People Are Saying

“The Business Edge™ ShipEngine Integration has streamlined the way we process and ship orders since we don’t have to jump between multiple pieces of (clunky) software. ShipEngine saves time and reduces errors. The Ship Engine Integration simplifies things on the IT side because we don’t have to maintain and update UPS and FedEx software, including the virtualization software needed to run their Windows-only clients on our Mac computers.” – Ralph Keepers, Spencer Aircraft Supply

“I’m very pleased that The Business Edge™ now has ShipEngine integration. It keeps our shipping processes more streamlined and eliminates the need to jump back and forth to carrier software. Looking forward to them adding the LTL portion of ShipEngine in the near future as well.” – Steve Parham, Solution Industries LLC

“It has been a huge time saver for FexEx ground shipments, and I know that we won’t be getting any address or dimension correction fees from UPS anymore.” – Kelly Blasy, Mechanical Power, Inc.

Start Saving Time & Money
If you are ready to start saving time and money associated with your shipments, give us a call or email Computer Insights, Inc. today.

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine, Fall 2021

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