Aircraft Fasteners International – Over 50 years of Outstanding Service

Aircraft Fasteners International – Over 50 years of Outstanding Service

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Started In 1964
Aircraft Fasteners International (AFI) was founded in 1964. Soon the company became a key supplier of high performance fasteners to the aerospace, electronics and defense industries.

Now AFI is an industry leading supplier of aircraft nut plates, locknuts, threaded inserts, and related high performance hardware.

Industry Leading Resource
Over the years the company has truly earned their reputation as, “”The leading source for locknuts and threaded inserts”. Their team is focused on providing customers timely quote response, unmatched product expertise and the Industry’s deepest/broadest inventory of locknuts and threaded inserts.

Long Standing Relationships
AFI has long standing relationships with the Industry’s premier manufacturers, and they work hard to exceed the expectations of their thousands of customers located throughout the world.

Traceable & Certified Parts
AFI’s entire inventory is fully traceable and certified. If you are looking for MS/NAS/AN locknuts and inserts, they are a go to choice. Give them a call or send them an email and within minutes they can help you with your high performance fastener needs. All of their orders ship out the same day the order was placed.

Technology Is Part Of Their Secret
Very early on, AFI decided that in order to track all the details involved in handling aircraft nut plates, locknuts, threaded inserts, and related high performance hardware, they had better have some form of automation. They installed a system that tracked all of the transaction details and it has helped them earn their reputation for accuracy and excellent service.

The Business Edge™
In 2010, AFI decided that it was time to update their system, which was over 25 years old. They carefully examined all their options. They needed an ERP system with CRM capabilities, but in addition, they needed a fully integrated system that included:

  • Lot Control and Traceability
  • Certificate Capture
  • Certificate Management
  • Integrated Quality Management

Going Green
Additionally, they wanted to Go Green: The Business Edge™ has enabled them to get certifications from vendors electronically. These certifications are easily attached to the specific lot of parts that were received. If the vendor can’t provide the certifications electronically, AFI simply scans them into The Business Edge™. Also, AFI is now able to send invoices acknowledgements, certifications, etc. by email instead of paper. The results are faster, more reliable and they are environmentally friendly.

Certificate Management
The Business Edge™ has an exclusive Certificate Management System included. This system enables AFI to require the proper documentation as part of their normal purchase order system. The certification requirement is attached to each part. It also enables them to have the system automatically attach customer and part specific certifications with the part based on criteria in the customer file. The certifications are automatically attached as part of the documents that were sent out, so if the customer loses them, AFI can replace them with the touch of a button.

Business Forms
All of the documents are sent out of The Business Edge™ (Quotations, Certificate of Compliance, Invoices, etc.) were designed by Computer Insights to meet AFI’s requirements. After the implementation, Nelson said “Our customers were all amazed, because instead of receiving a quote with a price and delivery written by hand, they got a nice/professional quote.” This is not only much more efficient since they are electronic, but it also added to our image as a professional vendor.

An Eye On The Future
Nelson went on to say, “We have gained substantial efficiencies already with The Business Edge™ and we are already testing new capabilities with Computer Insights using inventory sourcing networks directly within The Business Edge™ and in the future, we plan to be connected to our customers’ systems as well. We couldn’t be happier.”

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine, Sprint 2016

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