November 2013 – Order Type Change

Release Notes – November 2013 – Order Type Change

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New Order Types

The Business Edge now has the ability to have three different Order Types. Regular Orders, Work Orders and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) Orders. This gives us the ability to add new options for Contract Pricing and Sales Analysis. You could have separate Contract pricing for Regular Orders and VMI Orders, or only offer Contract pricing on VMI Orders.

Each Order Type supports all levels of Orders – Quote, Pending Order, Hold Order, Firm Order and RMA.

The new options are:

  • Quote
  • Pending Order
  • Hold Order
  • Firm Order
  • RMA

  • Work Order Quote
  • Pending Work Order
  • Hold Work Order
  • Work Order
  • Work Order RMA

  • VMI Quote
  • VMI Pending Order
  • VMI Hold Order
  • VMI Firm Order

We have combined the two fields into one selection for the user.

When running reports that ask for order types, the types are split out:

Please note that you have to answer yes to at least one question in each section to have any documents show up in the reports