March 2008 – April 2008

Release Notes – March 2008 – April 2008

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Order & Quote Entry System

  1. New Feature – Show Old Quotes while in order cialis a Sales Order. You can now have the system automatically display old quotes while you are in a samples of cialis Sales Order Detail Line. The option is to have them show automatically and/or view them via the function keys. There is a new system flag – # of Days to Auto-Show Old Quotes. If a value is given to this flag then all users will automatically see the old Quotes going back the number of days set in the flag. If the user wants to You won't find any better combination of quality and value similar cialis. Every discount drug order from Canada Drugs is backed by our No-Risk Guarantee that guarantees you 100% free shipping on every order. use the Quantity and Price that was in an old Quote they can simply press Enter on the line and the system will change the order line after the User confirms.

    Additionally the same information can be viewed by Pressing F5=$ and then F3-Previous. This inquiry will allow the professional viagra pro cialis levitra trial pack User to select a date range and also ask if they would like to see all Customers. This way the User can see what other Customers have been quoted on the same item and for what Price. If the User wants to use the fast cialis online Quantity and Price on one of those lines they can simply press Enter on the line and the system will change the order line after the User confirms.

    If the # of Days flag is set to zero Users will not get an automatic pop up of the screen but will still have the ability to manually access the information through F5, F3.

    This new Flag is in screen 4 of 4 in Entity & System Flags – Order Entry.

  2. New Feature – Order Entry – Users can now use the Automatic Replenishment System instead of Set PO when cheap viagra cialis in a Sales Order Detail Line with F2- ARS key.

    F8 in a Sales Order Detail line has always been Set PO where you can add an item to a new or existing Purchase Order from within a Sales Order. The F2-ARS enables users to use the Automatic Replenishment System which is a newer feature. The system uses the ARS logic to add the product to an ARS batch that is specific for the user entering the Order (each user will have their own list of products on the ARS). The product is added (if replenishment is needed) and the user is brought into their list of products in the ARS. Users can add, change and delete these products in their batch while in the ARS System.

    When you are done, you will be asked if you want to create the documents. If you do not create the documents, the list is kept and added to by the next order. This will allow the user to accumulate RFQ’s and PO’s throughout the day and then create them all at once when ready.

Counter Sales System

  1. New Flag – Create Un-Costed When Available is Short – this flag is separate from the system flag used for Order Entry. If this flag is set to yes and a user is in counter sales the system will allow them to sell items that have a zero on hand quantity. This only applies to Non-tracked items. This flag is located in the Counter Sales Flags.
  2. New Feature – When a login is shared by multiple Users and you want to record the actual person who entered the order in the “Order Entered By” field you can now do so by setting up Hot Swap Users.

    Enter & Edit Hot Swap users is located in Counter Sales Setup. After entering the shared login such as Counter and choose “Prompt for Hot Swap User as the type of user. All Users that will not be considered “Regular Users” because they are logging in with a generic login need to be entered into the list with the Full Name and flagged as “Hot Swap User Only”.

    There is also a choice for an optional a password. When entering a counter sale from the shared login, the user will be prompted to login as their Hot Swap User. All User time stamps will be recorded with the Hot Swapped User. All permissions are tied to the original generic login.

  3. New Options – Use Local Tax (when No Tax Number), Local Tax Freight, and Local Tax Authorities. When a client answers Yes to Use Local Tax (When No Tax Number), the system will switch to the local tax authorities, unless there is a Customer Tax Number entered for the customer (in which case the system uses the customer’s tax authorities).

    This feature is not available for Canadian clients. The flags and tax authorities are entered in System Setup, Setup Miscellaneous, Edit Counter Sales Flags.

  4. New Feature – Enter Counter Sales Checkout – this new option will never show the cost line on the Detail Line in a Counter Sales Order. Regular Enter Counter Sales will show the cost based on the counter sales cost flag and whether the user has cost security. If the user is not allowed to see costs but enters a non-stock item the security is lifted just as it is in regular order entry.
  5. New Bin Label Option – When printing a range of Bin Labels for a particular customer an additional filter has been added for printing. You can now select a range of Products and a location filter. This way if you only want to print labels for a particular location you can do so. This is located in Accounts Receivable, Customer Bin System, Bin Labels.

Purchase Order System

  1. New Feature – Purchase Order Quick Edit. This new feature will be useful if you have large PO’s where you need to change many of the lines after the vendor acknowledges the PO with changes.

    This will also be useful if you happen to re-calculate your PO costs outside of the BUSINESS EDGE and need to input them right before receipt.

    This new feature allows the user to quickly enter (one, some or all) of the following fields for Purchase Order Detail lines – without having to go through each line individually – the system puts all the lines onto one screen so that they can be quickly entered:

    Quantity Ordered
    Vendor Packing List Quantity (see below for functionality)
    Unit Cost (choice to update Raw, Landed, or both)
    Original Promise Date
    Current Promise Date

    Vendor Packing List Quantity functionality:
    When receiving, the quantity received will default to the quantity entered for the vendor packing list (specifically when using F5=Rec Line and F6=Entire PO – when using F6, the system will set the quantity received to the quantity that you entered on the vendor packing list).

    The entered packing list quantities will show on the PO Receiving Document instead of the quantity ordered (client specific PDF forms will need to be changed to include this quantity).

    You can access the Purchase Order Quick Edit in Purchase Order System, P.O. Receipt Routines, Purchase Order Quick Edit.

Processing Purchase Order System

  1. New Option – ISO & Manufacturing Systems only – PPO Component Expediting Report – There is a new option for including / excluding / limiting the PPO’s listed on the PPO Component Expediting report to the internal vendor. This is very helpful when you have a lot of internal processes.

Accounts Receivable System

  1. New Inquiry – Invoices sent to non-default fax number – This is located in Print & Fax Invoices.

Inventory System

  1. New Field exported – Quantity on Hand has been added to the export of Customer Part Numbers from within a Customer Inquiry. If you press F4-Basic Info, F10-Parts you will see all of the Products that have been linked to the Customer that you have selected. When this information is exported to Excel you will also see the current quantity that is on hand.
  2. New Field in Enter & Edit Products – UPC Code for Products

    Products can now have a 12 digit UPC code assigned to them (Enter & Edit Products, last question on the first screen). The BUSINESS EDGE checks that the UPC code is a valid UPC code (12 digits long and the check digit is correct).

    In Product Inquiry (F12 More Choices, F2=UPC Codes), you can view the other valid 3 prefixes for that UPC code (with their corresponding quantities).

    The BUSINESS EDGE uses the following logic:
    UPC code – a flag in the Product Classification will allow this to be 1 stocking unit, the packaging qty, the master pkg qty, or the bulk pkg qty.
    10 prefix – This is the packaging quantity
    20 prefix – This is the master packaging quantity
    30 prefix – This is the bulk packaging quantity

    The prefixes and quantities are used in the warehouse system when scanning products to move or allocate to orders.

  3. New Report – UPC Code Product List. This report will show the products with UPC codes in the system. It is located in Inventory Reports, Inventory Lists, UPC Code Product List.

    When selecting a product in the system, if you type in the UPC code in ANY of the fields (Product Code, Product Description, Classification, or Alternate), The BUSINESS EDGE will lookup the product that is assigned to the UPC code.

    If you have been using UPC codes in your system and entering them as alternate products, we have a conversion program that will convert them from your alternate list into this new field. Please contact us for more information.

  4. New Flags – Alert When No Customer for New Alternate Part and Alert When no Vendor for New Alternate Part. If this flag is set to Yes, users will receive a warning message if they do not relate either a Customer or Vendor to a new Alternate Product Code.


  1. New My Menu Features – The “My Menu” system has been expanded to include Sub “My Menus”. You can now have up to 9 “Main My Menu Selections” and each of those Menu selections can have 9 Menu selections. The screens to edit the My Menus have changed to include these new features.
  2. New Feature – If a modem gets wedged or turned off a message will be sent to all of the Fax Administrators e-mails and Instant Messages. Once the modem is reset another message will be sent. Administrators email and IM Names can be setup in Enter & Edit documentConnection Settings. If you would like to have more than one person receive the alerts, simply enter their information separating the addresses with a comma.
  3. New Feature – We’re now sending a disk space alert – It will check disk space every time a fax comes in and when the cron runs at night.

    The Alert e-mail(s) and Instant Message(s) will get a lot of alerts when the space falls below the alert level (one for each new fax and once every night).

    If you don’t want to see the warning, change the “Alert if Space is Less Than X%” to a lower number or to zero if you never want an alert (or if you’ve ordered a hard drive and don’t need to be bothered any more). The default value is 15%

    If you have multiple file systems set up for documentConnection it will warn you if any of them fall below the alert level.