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Recently Asked Questions

Do the payable checks print on laser or dot matrix?

Yes, you can print checks with both laser or dot matrix printers.

How can I update contract end dates?

You can update contact end dates by navigating to :

   Inventory System
       Inventory Reports
           Cost & Price Table Lists
               Customer Contract Prices
                   Contract Price End Date Update
Does the accounting AR produce a sales tax report?

Yes, The Business Edge will report on as many Tax Authorities as you have.

Does the software/application automatically close all income statement accounts into retained earnings when performing a year-end closing or is a manual closing entry required?

Yes, The Business Edge automatically closes all the income statement accounts into retained earnings. No manual closing entry is needed.

Will the system alert you to any out of balance transactions or entries before they are processed or posted or does it automatically balance the transaction or entry by using a predetermined balancing account?

The system will automatically alert you to an out of balance condition before the posting is made.