The Business Edge DocumentConnection
  • All of your inbound faxes can now be stored on your server and be completely integrated with cheap cialis in uk The Business Edge.
  • Browser interface. Can be set up as a Internet or approved on line drug stores Intranet application.
  • Easily relate inbound faxes and scanned documents to a customer, vendor or product with additional document sub categories for each.
  • Store a subject and comments for a fax or scanned document.
  • The system purchase cheapest viagra will automatically assign Customer or Vendor information based on inbound fax id.
  • You have the option to automatically assign the inbound generic levitra and colius fax to a user based on the inbound fax id. For example, all faxes from 630.893.4030 are automatically forwarded to user “Dennis” without stopping at the Fax Administrator screen while faxes coming from 800.893.4030 are set to wait for the Fax Administrator to decide who they should be assigned to.
  • User’s can choose to get e-mail notifications when a new fax is received.
  • User’s can choose to be receive an Instant Message when a new fax is received.
  • Navigate multiple page faxes with easy to use Next and Previous links or ” Jump to” any page number using a drop down list box.
  • E-mail a fax or a scanned document as a PDF attachment.
  • View a fax or a scanned document as a PDF.
  • Each user can maintain their own list of faxes purchase cheap viagra and scanned documents, keep as new or mark them as read.
  • Integration into Customer Inquiries, Vendor Inquiries, Sales Order Inquiries, Purchase Order Inquiries and more…
  • All faxes can be accessed by a click of the mouse from within The Business Edge or through the stand alone browser interface.
  • Send a copy of a fax to another user on the system.
  • Print faxes & scanned documents to any network printer. Print Options; Entire Document (default), This Page, Print Range of Pages
  • Print in reverse page sequence to ink jet printers, avoid re-shuffling.
  • Fax a fax you’ve received or a scanned document to someone else.
  • Rotate faxes that were sent upside down.
  • Delete a single page from a multiple page fax.
  • Split a multiple page fax into single pages.
  • Delete unwanted faxes.
  • Create Copies of documents.
  • The documentConnection system is password protected. Your browser will remember your login information for you or you can click Log Off to require a login and password the next time you bring it up.
  • Fax Manager messages can be sent as e-mail, instant messages or both to as many people as you want and include:
     1. A new fax has arrived
  • Alert messages can be sent as e-mail, instant messages or both to as many people as you want. The alerts include:
     1. Failed Received Fax – something went wrong when trying to receive a fax.
     2. The fax modem is either off or wedged; not responding.
     3. The fax modem has been reset from it’s non-responsive state and is now OK.
     4. Null value sent as image ID – something went wrong.
     5. A failed login attempt was made by someone.

For additional information on the DocumentConnection, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.