Inventory System

Can I do Vendor Managed Inventory programs buy propecia canada with The BUSINESS EDGE?

Yes, the System has the ability to use Palm Pilots to efficiently take orders at the Customer sites in viagra and canadian order to save time and eliminate errors. These Bin Stocking or Vendor Managed Inventory Systems create tremendous Customer loyalty and they improve profit margins. This will also greatly improve the in-office operations as well since they can be uploaded to the The BUSINESS EDGE automatically.

Lot Control is very important to me, how does The BUSINESS EDGE This is one of the most reasonable priced products I have seen, and I trust online canadian pharmacy. Have recommended these to many friends over the past 2 years., we are aimed at supplying customers all over the world with medications of high quality at lowest prices thus helping to save their money and time. handle that?

The System includes the ability to have Lot Control that is fully integrated into female viagra sale daily processing so that traceability requirements can be met with a minimum of additional clerical work. There is complete traceability to the raw part or components for any processed or assembled items. Not all products need to be Lot Tracked, but once you choose a product for Lot Tracking, the System automatically controls the entire process. The ability to maintain Lot Control and traceability on Finished Goods and Secondary Processes, including Traceability to the Lot Numbers of the Components propecia buy cheap meets the requirements of the FQA.

My very cheap viagra Customers are always asking us to use their Part Numbers. Can The BUSINESS EDGE help with this?

Yes, the System has the ability to maintain multiple Customer Part Numbers, Descriptions and Prices for each “in house” Part Number with a look up by Customer Part Number so that Customers can talk to you in their “own language”. It will also maintain as many Vendor Part Numbers and Catalog Numbers (not associated with either Customers or Vendors). Once these numbers are entered into the system, they automatically appear on any screen, form or label that relates to that Customer.