The XL Screw Connection

Real-Time Supply Chain Integration

Do you want your XL Screw Web discount without
having to go to the XL Screw web site?
If so, you need the XL
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  • Do you purchase products from XL Screw?
  • Would you like to have real time price and availability from the XL Screw website inside your internal system?
  • Would levitra brand discount you like to order inside your system, not have to re-enter into their website?
  • Do you use the XL Screw to Drop Ship?

THE Business Edge
  • With the XL Screw Connection, XL Screw becomes the most fast cialis online convenient and profitable Vendor that you could choose.
  • Check availability and pricing right from The Business Edge inquiry screens canadian online pharmacy (the same information that is on the web).
  • Enter Purchase Orders into The Business Edge with up to the minute pricing. (including your WEB DISCOUNT)
  • Place Purchase Orders on the XL Screw server with the touch of a button inside The Business Edge
  • XL Screw Part Numbers added to your existing Inventory numbers as part of the installation.
  • Easily add XL Screw Product Numbers to new products entered into The Business Edge (XL Screw’s complete Inventory is included).
  • XL Screw PO confirmations are automatically posted to The Business Edge.
  • Upon Shipment, XL Screw Invoices are posted to the The Business Edge automatically and without error.
  • The entire process is streamlined.
  • If you have XL Screw Drop Ship – The Business Edge can automatically bill your customers based upon Invoice receipt from XL Screw.
  • Many individual steps are completely automated.
  • You make more money in less time with less effort and with no errors.