We are an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software company that specializes in the fastener industry. We started in 1981. Now we have customers using The Business Edge™ all over North America, and they are all fastener or industrial suppliers. The system is a complete turn-key solution.

Our customers run the gamut of the fastener industry. They serve every market from MRO and industrial products to aerospace and mil-spec fasteners, and components.  The Business Edge™has exclusive capabilities that serve all the specialized needs in this industry.

After all these years working exclusively in the fastener industry, The Business Edge™is truly the industry’s best practices in a box. The fully integrated software, our exclusive step-by-step online training, and our industry expertise add up to an unbeatable combination.

Critical issues that fastener companies face are handled effectively and conveniently in the system. We included lot control and traceability into the fabric of the system, not added on as an afterthought. The traceability is deep. Secondary processing automatically creates new lot numbers for the part created, and it maintains traceability to all the components or previous versions of the part. You can search lots from components up to the finished part and vice versa. You can easily find transactions on parts by manufacturer’s part number.

Certifications, inspections, and mil-specs can be attached to each lot. The system can enforce which lots need the certifications and automatically attach them to outgoing documents. They stay in the system forever for future use.

Flexible pricing, unit of measure conversions, long part numbers, long descriptions, and multiple alternate part numbers all add to the rich capabilities of the software.

Our exclusive Fastener Supply Chain Network™ (FSCN) connects our customers to prominent master distributors, sourcing sites, and more.

The TBE Mobile™ app gives field personnel access to customer and inventory information from any smartphone or tablet. The mobile app includes VMI (vendor managed inventory) for remote order entry, along with a routing system and signature capture.

Come and join our family of customers and let us keep you on the cutting edge of technology in the fastener industry.


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