The FCH Connection

Real-Time Supply Chain Integration

with the FCH Connection, part of the Fastener Supply Chain Network
FCH is the popular online marketplace for industrial fasteners
and with the Fastener Supply Chain Network
the process is completed with a few clicks of the mouse.

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    Sales Focus
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  • Purchasing Focus
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  • Would you benefit from being able to search the online database by simply entering the description of the part that you are looking for?
  • In The Business Edge
  • The user simply selects the products that need to be uploaded and pushes a button. It’s that simple.
  • New Sales Channel
  • This brings Business Edge users the benefit of an entirely new sales channel, in addition to providing them the platform’s wide array of ERP and inventory buy canada viagra management benefits.
  • Descriptions are Scrubbed
  • Inventory listings pass through a piece of FCH software known as “The Scrubber” which cleans the descriptions and makes them easy to find by users searching the network and also by search engines like google.
  • No Additional Cost
  • The FCH buy cialis daily online connection is provided at no additional expense to Business Edge users who have an FCH account. It is part of Computer Insights growing Fastener Supply Chain Network. The future of the fastener business will be much more connected and you should be a part of that.
  Exclusive Features of the Fastener Supply Chain Network
    Selling Products
  • The user flags products for uploading to FCH by selecting a range of products by part number, name or product class. This capability enables uploads to be created easily.
  • The TBE system can be set to automatically upload updated FCH data every night.
  • Having your availability information updated daily is very valuable to people looking for products on the FCH website. More recently added products are listed first
  • Buying Products
  • The Business Edge has an “FCH Product Search” button in product inquiry that reads data directly from the FCH site. You can see live data from FCH inside TBE. Column choices include: Supplier, Warehouse, Part Number, Available Quantity, UOM, Last Updated, Material, Finish, Size, Description, Sub Category, Supplier Contact, Supplier Email, Supplier Phone, Preferred Method of Contact, Minimum Line, Minimum Order. Finding a product has never been easier.
  • Auto Update
  • A hassle-free way of moving inventory.
  • Quickly and efficiently locate new business.
  • If you see a product on the network from a Business Edge user it’s on the shelf and available for purchase.
  • System Uploads
  • Product Codes
  • Product Selling Description
  • Branch Codes (when applicable)
  • Available Quantity