Lubker Distribution – System Efficiencies Promote Growth

System Efficiencies Promote Growth

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Building a distribution company based on family values, yet with sophistication to compete in a global market arena, was the challenge facing the experienced management team comprised to bring Lubker Distribution to life. Primarily of fastener descent, the Lubker team set out to implement a business model expanding the distribution product horizon while always staying focused on the objective, extreme customer and vendor care coupled with unparalleled service and commitment.

With the realization that knowledge is power, the focus of the Lubker Distribution system hinged on harnessing the “power” to bring extra value to the customer. Anticipating usage patterns, managing product flow, and the timely “when it’s needed” (WIN) delivery of a myriad of hard goods to “point of use” areas were vital to continued customer confidence and business success. Managing this “power” required a software support system built on a multi-lot inventory control, reporting and traceability foundation with integration of all business financial systems.

Lubker Distribution chose The Business Edge by Computer Insights to fulfill this daunting task. With The Business Edge, Lubker Distribution can confidently compete against even the largest competition, yet offer the personal and friendly attention from which the company was built.

“The Business Edge has improved all aspects of business relations,” reports Rick Lubker, President of Lubker Distribution. “Whether the requirement is for Excel formatted custom reporting, ‘WIN’ (when it’s needed) integration (including product requirement scanning and direct sales order download), or ‘to the minute’ financial reporting, The Business Edge has the solution.”

“Maintaining consistent customer ‘on site’ inventory levels is the mainstay of our business,” explains Jim Carrigan, Vice President. “The Computer Insights product provides the solutions to this difficult task by providing the tools necessary to effectively manage not only the requisition process, but also the internal replenishment drives and the detailed ‘where used’ metrics.” In addition, Jim stated, “Many of our customers use the same item in multiple ‘point of use’ locations throughout their production facility. The Business Edge has the capability through Palm Pilot technology to interpret the various usage areas and assist in determining usage per area. In addition, custom barcode labeling is available through a PC compatible software or by tying directly into the Able Label integrated printing process.”

Exceptional systems require exceptional personnel for support, and that is exactly what you will find at Lubker Distribution. The customer service representatives are well trained and knowledgeable in the products managed. Lubker Distribution has dedicated customer service phone lines which are immediately answered within the customer service area — no waiting, automated operator, or recording. Customer service also accesses fax and e-mail to further ease the business interaction process.

Rounding out the total supply offering, Lubker Distribution provides its customers with customization, packaging, and kitting. “The Business Edge software provides an extremely easy to use and flexible solution to the often difficult outside processing task,” Rick reported. “Whether you are cutting several studs from a single threaded rod, reworking a standard into a special, or assembling/kitting multiple items into a single SKU, The Business Edge has the capability to process the requirement, including complete financial ‘work’ cost tracking. The flexibility of the system goes beyond the norm and allows for unforeseen events, such as inventory shrinkage (during the packaging process, etc.), multiple items made from a single SKU, and inventory growth, all events are traceable and figured within the financial analysis mode of the system,” he continued.

As operating efficiencies continue to abound, increasingly valuable time and energy is repositioned by the management of Lubker Distribution toward furthering market share and customer retention. This young organization is well on its way to flourishing into a mainstay distribution facility servicing customers well into the 21st century.

This article appeared in Distributor’s Link Magazine

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