Class C Components – Leading Edge VMI Technology at Class C Components

Leading Edge VMI Technology at Class C Components

Class C Components, Inc. Ramsey, Minnesota has implemented a new App that utilizes iPhone /Apple hardware to scan fasteners and industrial products on VMI Programs. This award winning App, VMI Mobile™, created by Computer Insights, Inc., streamlines data, reduces training and speeds up the order transmission and transaction process for VMI Programs.

Beta Test Only Required 2 Weeks

Class C what is viagra soft tabs Components began beta testing in December 2012 and fully implemeted the new process in 2 weeks. Initially Class C Components thought it would be months for a full transition to all of their VMI customers using the iPhone/scanner lanyard. The benefits quickly viagra free pills offset any transition delays.

85% Cost Savings

Jill Zoschke, Vice President / Owner, listed some of the benefits of the new system:.

    • Hardware and program costs were reduced by 85% over traditional hand held data collection devices. The new systems are $500 vs. $3,000 for the old ones.
    • Error free transmissions and transactions.
    • Data transmissions picture generic levitra are real time. There is no waiting to access wifi or to get access to a wifi.
    • Training was greatly simplified and human errors on data entry were reduced as well.
    • Orders scanned are directly transmitted into our, operating system The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0™, by Computer Insights.
    • This eliminated re-entering orders coming in from the field.
    • We just review the data and send the orders to the warehouse to fill.
    • This keeps the workflow steady all day.
    • This is a huge advantage compared to the data dump at the end of the day required by the older technology data collection devices.
    • VMI Mobile™ data is sent directly into our operating system as quickly as you can send a text.

Computer Insights is a Great Partner

Computer Insights has been a collaborative business partner of Class C’s for over 10 years. Jill Zoschke said, “They know the latest trends in technology and supplement it with user friendly business savvy software/applications that are easy to implement and train at all levels of the organization. I look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship by expanding the software / apps to CRM and linking data collected in the field to our operating system populating contact fields, retrieving sales data and entering follow up actions via iPads. Class C Components has taken another step to further reduce costs in getting product into their customer’s inventory thanks to Computer Insights VMI Mobile™.””

Class C Components is Customer Focused

Mark Peterson, (pictured), Class C Components Procurement /VMI Manager went on to say, “The system is easy to navigate/operate. It has completely wireless updates/downloads and we can transmit orders from customer to our facility with a tap. The newest version even shows open orders/ back orders” He also pointed out, “Our field personnel can perform all daily business needs with one tool: email, scanner, phone, camera, calendar, and planner.”


Full Service

Class C Components is a full service industrial, fastener, safety and MRO distributor incorporated in May of 1995, located just North West of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Class C Components, Inc. serves original equipment and sub contract manufacturers with products; vendor managed inventory programs, engineering services and provides supply chain solutions throughout the continental United States.

Their Vendor Managed Inventory programs and JIT services ensure optimal stock levels on metric fasteners, stainless fasteners, hardware, fittings, abrasives, 3M, janitorial, shipping and safety products. VMI programs ensure industrial supplies are inventoried at predetermined levels to minimize inventory, and maximize transaction savings by consolidating suppliers and purchases.

Quality Business Partners

Their business partners include quality manufacturers like 3M, Brighton-Best, Loctite, Lenox and Brady. Value added services include parts kitting, milspec fasteners, black zinc and ROHS compliant plating’s. Many of their employees have more than 20 years experience in industrial supplies and in the fastener industry to support and extend their clients sourcing efforts. They will deliver the right product for the application, JIT with the quantity needed, then replenish inventory all at a competitive price.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Class C Components is certified ISO9001:2008 and strives to continually improve their quality processes and practices. They are also committed to utilizing state of the art technology, software and hardware to continuously improve efficiencies, streamline costs and reduce procurement time.

For More Information

Class C Components, Inc. can be reached at 6825 Sunwood Drive NW, Ramsey, MN 55303. Their telephone number is 763-535-0400, E-mail them at, or visit them on the internet at Computer Insights, Inc. can be reached at 108 Third Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108. Their telephone number is 1-800-539-1233, E-mail them at or visit them on the internet at