Computer Insights, Inc – Five Signs It Is Time To Change Software

Computer Insights, Inc – Five Signs It Is Time To Change Software


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[1] Your Company Has Grown
Starting a new company is both exciting and challenging. In the early stages, a substantial amount of time is often spent choosing best practices and procedures. During this trial and error phase, you learn what you need and what is not necessary. When dealing with a relatively small number of customers, products, and vendors, you might effectively handle everything without a sophisticated system. In the beginning, manual procedures, spreadsheets, one-size-fits-all offthe-shelf software, or a mix of the three can be enough to get through the day. Successful companies commonly start off this way. In the second or third year, they reach a tipping point where the owners spend more time keeping track of internal things and less time growing their business.

Suppose you are at a point where you feel like you need to hire more people to keep up with your company’s growth. In that case, it is time to consider if a better system will help your existing people be more efficient and accurate.

Stop chasing paperwork and free up your time to pursue new sales and work on your company with The Business EdgeTM by Computer Insights, Inc. The Business Edge,TM from the start, has been designed to help fastener and industrial distributors do more, in less time, with fewer people. Twenty-five years of industry focus makes a difference. Whether you need to keep track of 30,000 SKU’s or over 500,000, if you have 2,000 customers or over 50,000 – The Business EdgeTM will help you stay on top of everything.

Every part of The Business EdgeTM is truly integrated with every other aspect. As people perform their daily tasks, the general ledger and financial reports update automatically. Product locations, lot numbers, and quality documents are tracked at every step and are always easy to access. Customer notes and CRM Actions are available on every screen you need them. A single system eliminates double entry and time wasted searching for answers to both common and unique questions.

[2] Not Getting The Support You Need
You can waste valuable time playing phone tag. You have work to do; your ERP software system should make your life easier, not more complicated. Do you get a ticket number instead of a solution when you call your software provider? When your calls are answered by someone who immediately sends you into a complicated ticketing system, you have more problems than the question that prompted your call.

You should not have to explain your business to your software provider. A one-size-fits-all solution does not address the nuances of your business, and that causes confusion and delays. The people at Computer Insights have decades of experience with the fastener industry. When you call Computer Insights, you do not have to learn how to talk to “computer” people. They know the language common to the fastener and industrial supply distributors. They understand what you are trying to accomplish.

[3] Lacking Access To Information
If your system does not store the information you need to make crucial business decisions, you cannot live up to your potential. It is almost worse when you know that the data is in your system somewhere, but it is nearly impossible to retrieve when and how you need it.

Your customers expect instant gratification. Everyone involved will quickly become frustrated if your people cannot immediately answer any question because the information is not readily available.

The Business EdgeTM by Computer Insights has intuitive, interactive, user-modifiable screens. All of the information you need is where you need it when you need it. Information you don’t need can be hidden by unchecking a box. The Business EdgeTM has thousands of combinations of existing customizable inquiries and reports. If you want to do something more, a single click of a button will create a spreadsheet out of any piece of data in the system. The Business EdgeTM offers a suite of RESTful APIs for more complex projects. No one makes getting data out of a system easier than The Business Edge.TM

[4] Limited Or Non-Existent Automation Options
Your software should know how you want to run your company. Any extra steps or double entry is holding you back. You risk making mistakes and upsetting people if your system is not validating things as you work.

The Business EdgeTM offers dozens of ways to automate your processes. Automatic Replenishment System (ARS), Wireless Warehouse, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Automated Direct-Shipments and Reservations, Automated Surcharges, and Vending Machine Order Replenishment.

Data entry validation throughout the system as you work. Eliminate double entry and ensure accuracy with Avalara Sales Tax Calculations & Address Validation, ShipEngine Integration, Fastener Supply Chain Connections (Brighton-Best International, Kanebridge, Lindstrom, Stelfast, and XL Screw Corporation).

[5] Missing Key Features Unique To Your Industry
When your software provider is not focused on your industry, many things that seem normal to you are frequently overlooked or not handled properly.

Since 1996, Computer Insights has worked closely with people from hundreds of fastener and industrial distributors. The Business EdgeTM evolved and continues to evolve by listening to business owners, office workers, warehouse people, and master distributors.

The Business EdgeTM can help you manage what is required for you to be productive and successful. Things like Raw Cost vs. Landed Cost, complex customer pricing, alternate part numbers, and much more come standard.

What People Are Saying

“Having a partner like Computer Insights has been critical to our success. As our company grows, so does our need for technology and consequential integrations. As the pressure for efficiency builds in the American economy, we are forced to find new ways to automate. The pace of business is moving faster every day, and to keep up, we must automate. Without the right ERP provider, this can be extremely frustrating.”
Joseph Stephens, CEO, Motor City Industrial

“Choosing The Business EdgeTM helped us streamline all of our processes and eliminated ALL the hiccups and issues we had with previous ERP packages. If you’re in the fastener business, I’m not sure why you’d use or entertain anything else.”
Steve Parham, Operations Manager, Solution Industries

“When moving to The Business Edge,TM we were very pleased to find out how much better the customer support was compared to our previous vendor. The people at Computer Insights are very helpful and make our lives easier.”
Eric Seiden, Chief Purchasing Officer, Interstate Screw Corporation

“We have grown our business without increasing overhead because The Business EdgeTM allows us to do more with fewer people. Computer Insights makes it a breeze to get support quickly and efficiently. We decided to go with The Business EdgeTM almost twenty years ago. To date, we still say, one of the best decisions we’ve ever made with our business.”
Rick Johnson, Executive Stewardship Officer, RC Fasteners & Components


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