Decatur Bolt – Brighton-Best Connection – A Complete Success

Brighton-Best Connection – A Complete Success

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Dennis Cowhey, CEO of canadian online pharmacy Computer Insights, Inc. reports that more than a third of their clients have already installed and are actively using the Brighton-Best Connection. More new clients cialis sales are being added every week.

Decatur Bolt Explains Impact

Larry Sandifer, President of Decatur Bolt reported on his experience with the BBI Connection. He said, “I admit, I had high expectations before using the new Brighton-Best Connection feature available exclusively through The Business Edge, but immediately after using the feature, it was apparent that purchase cheap cialis it not only met but exceeded many of my expectations. In today’s market place it’s definitely an advantage being able to quote a customer price, availability and lead-time in a matter, literally, of seconds instead of the minutes or, in some cases, hours spent making phone calls, faxing RFQs or thumbing through a bulky buy cheapest propecia catalog. Although many of our vendors now have an online presence and offer ecommerce sites, the Brighton-Best Connection feature takes that one step further. “

Seamless Integration

“What I have been most impressed with is how Brighton-Best’s catalog and inventory has been integrated, almost seamlessly, with our catalog through The Business Edge. I’ve also been impressed with how easy the feature is to use. We can now look up a part in The BUSINESS EDGE using our own product code or description and can instantly view such pertinent information as Brighton-Best’s stocking locations, bulk and package quantities, and the prices for each.

He went on to say, “On the purchasing side, the Brighton-Best Connection feature makes ordering almost as easy as quoting. I no longer need to build the PO in our system, log onto Brighton-Best’s ecommerce site, enter my username and password, start to build my PO online, part by par t, update all my pricing and then go through the steps of submitting the order. With the Brighton-Best Connection feature all I have to do is enter the parts and quantities into my Brighton Best purchase order and then decide which of Brighton’s locations to ship from. All pricing is automatically updated at the time of PO entry. I use a function key to review my order, make any last minute changes that need to be made before finally using another function key to submit my order. My order is then sent directly from The BUSINESS EDGE to our local Brighton-Best branch for processing.

It’s a Home Run

“Overall, we are very happy with the Brighton Best connection through The Business Edge and are looking for ward to using it to its full potential. Computer Insights has hit a home run with this new feature!”

How it Works

Denny Cowhey explained how it works. “The process is simple, once a client signs up for the Brighton-Best Connection, we take the part of their inventory that Brighton-Best International (BBI) could sell them. Then we have Brighton-Best International (BBI) apply the Brighton-Best part numbers to it. Then we install the new software that includes the Brighton-Best Connection. Finally, we add the BBI part numbers to the clients system and we train them on how to use the new features of the Brighton-Best Connection. Clients can easily add more BBI part numbers on the fly as they add new products to their inventory.”

“It’s quick and easy and it provides substantial benefits for everyone involved. Most of our clients are using the Brighton-Best website to place their orders. The website gives Brighton-Best customers easy access to price and availability information and allows the customers to place their orders online. If the customer places an order using the website they receive a 5% discount and that makes it even more attractive to do business with Brighton-Best on the web. The only drawback is that it requires double entry, that is, it is necessary to enter the information into the customer’s in-house system and then enter it again into the web. This presents an opportunity for errors and it also means double work.”

Best of Both Worlds

That’s where the Brighton-Best Connection comes in. With the Brighton-Best Connection, our clients have the best of both worlds. They have the convenience of immediate access to information on the Brighton-Best site and they eliminate the need for double entry. They still get their 5% discount. It makes purchasing items from Brighton-Best very convenient. Our clients can be in the middle of a quote or sales order and with one click get to the information that’s available on the web on the BBI website.”

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