Alaska’s Trusted Source for Industrial tools and Equipment

Alaska’s Trusted Source for Industrial tools and Equipment

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Serving Alaska’s Industries for Over 35 Years with Premium Products and Exceptional Service.

In Alaska’s rugged and unforgiving landscape, industries demand tools and equipment that can withstand extreme conditions. Denali Industrial Supply, Inc., with over 35 years of experience, has emerged as Alaska’s principal provider of top-quality industrial tools, fasteners, and accessories. Founded in 1986 by Gary Swoffer and Bo Kilbourn, Denali has grown into a multimillion-dollar operation committed to providing premium products at competitive prices.

Commitment To Quality And Service

Denali Industrial Supply takes pride in offering a vast array of industrial products from renowned brands such as Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt, Titan, RAD Torque Systems, and more. With locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, spanning over 40,000 square feet, Denali serves as a crucial resource for diverse industries across Alaska.

People Make A Difference

At Denali Industrial Supply, we have the ideology that our organization is defined by its people. People are our most important asset, and prioritizing training and mentoring them to grow and find success is of utmost importance. Our sales team holds weekly meetings to stay abreast of new products and technology to serve our valued customers better. We are a firm believer in hiring veterans whose experiences in the military enhance our organization, and we have several veteran employees.

Locations and Services

Denali has strategically placed store locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks, ensuring accessibility to customers throughout the state. Additionally, the company extends its services to the North Slope Community and Bush Regions, providing essential tools, fasteners, and accessories to meet the unique needs of these remote areas.

Denali’s Product Lines

The comprehensive range of products Denali Industrial Supply offers includes fasteners, safety equipment, abrasives, tools and accessories, strut and accessories, paint, firestop, and electrical supplies. This extensive inventory allows Denali to cater to various industries, including mining, HVAC, oil and gas extraction, construction, property maintenance, and auto repair.

Technology Helps Deliver Quality

“The Business EdgeTM by Computer Insights, Inc. is essential to our day-to-day operations. We struggled with ordering for several years, sometimes running out of stock and losing sales. Within the last year, we have begun to use The Business Edge software to program min and max stocking quantities to assist us with reordering. This has improved our efficiency, reduced the frequency of running out of stock, and improved our sales.” Bill Gottmeier, Sales Manager @Denali Industrial Supply

Specialized Industry Focus

Denali Industrial Supply understands the challenges faced by Alaskan industries, known for their toughness and resilience. The company caters to the mining, HVAC, oil and gas extraction, construction, property maintenance, and automotive sectors, offering specialized tools and equipment tailored to each industry’s unique requirements.

Mining Industry

Denali supports the demanding mining industry with specialized tools, equipment, and accessories designed for extreme conditions. From specialty fasteners to safety equipment and heaters, Denali ensures miners have the right tools for the job.

HVAC Tools & Industrial Supplies – Strut & Accessories

Denali’s Fairbanks and Anchorage locations are stocked with HVAC supplies, including Tek screws, nut drivers, ladders, fall protection equipment, firestop products, tools, and flashlights, supporting the critical role of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in Alaska.

Oil & Gas Extraction – Fasteners

The oil and gas extraction sector receives tailored support from Denali, providing safety gear, fall protection equipment, absorbents, impact sockets, torque wrenches, and air impact guns necessary for specialized operations.

Construction & Property Maintenance – Fasteners

Denali Industrial Supply offers a wide range of tools for construction and property maintenance professionals, including power, hand, electric, and maintenance tools from trusted brands.

Auto Repair

Denali carries an extensive inventory of automotive equipment for automotive professionals, from screwdrivers to air compressors, ensuring that mechanics are well-equipped for every repair job.

Client Testimonials

“We rely on Denali Industrial Supply for the following reasons:

  1. They provide an experienced staff that is available immediately when we call. We don’t have to wait on hold; we don’t have to leave messages. They are available when we need them.
  2. Their staff is knowledgeable in the products they sell and what the industry is using. They understand the jobsite terminology and language that other suppliers are unfamiliar with.
  3. They understand there is an urgency in our industry with same-day delivery on orders. One box of screws or a truckload of tools, the service is the same.”

Ben Callahan, President, Callahan Construction Company

“Denali Industrial has been an exceptional partner over the years. Gary and crew continually offer high-quality products while delivering excellent customer service.”
Mel Weeks, President, Patrick Mechanical Inc

“Denali Industrial has been one of our core suppliers for years now. They did not earn this relationship with us by default or complacency but through professionalism, integrity, and service. We are proud to be able to partner with a fellow Alaskan company.”
Jeremiah Raby, President, Slayden Plumbing and Heating Inc.


Denali Industrial Supply is a testament to Alaskan resilience and ingenuity, providing industries with the tools and equipment needed to thrive in challenging environments. With a commitment to quality, a comprehensive product range, and knowledgeable staff, Denali remains the trusted source for industrial supplies across Alaska. Contact Denali Industrial Supply today to discover how they can meet your specific industrial tool and equipment needs.

More Information

Denali Industrial Supply is located at 1499 Van Horn Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701, and 4901 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, AK 99503. Contact Bill Gottmeier, Sales Manager, for more information at (907) 452-4524, or visit them online at

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