Introducing The Business Edge™ suite of mobile programs

At Computer Insights, we have always endorsed bringing computer power as close as possible to the point of the activity. Doing so improves accuracy and it makes for a better user experience. Point of activity entry also dramatically improves access to information and the real-time performance of the system.


The Business Edge™ suite of mobile programs is designed to run on any (iOS or Android) smart phone, tablet or notebook computer as well as other devices. The system provides real time two- way communication between mobile users, wherever they may be, and the main system.  The screens vary automatically based on the size of the screen on each device. The intuitive interface is the same style as any app on the devices so it is very easy for the remote users to navigate.


On a mobile smart phone the main menu screen is consolidated into a single column. Touching the desired task will open up screens that lead the user through that task. The TBE Mobile site will perform exactly the same functions from any device. The screen displays vary automatically based on the size of the screen on each specific device.


In landscape mode, the system knows that it is able to open up 3 columns of information so it does exactly that. In this instance the user is about to upload Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) orders. Note that the main menu is still visible.


All of the TBE Mobile capabilities are completely native to The Business Edge™.  This means that the speed of access is unparalleled and all the information is current up to the second. The system includes many capabilities needed by field personnel and we are continuously adding more.


This example shows a customer inquiry. Open orders are shown. Note menu in red box. This menu opens up views into customer contacts, notes, CRM actions, invoices and other important information.


Vital information about your products is easily accessed from TBE Mobile. Current availability, recent activity, pricing and other answers to key questions are right at your representative’s fingertips. Having this information instantly available can be the difference between getting an order and losing one.


Excess paper is completely eliminated with the Signature Capture option. The customer simply signs for receipt of one or many orders with a single signature. The customer can sign with a finger or with a stylus that is also available.  The paperwork stays with the customer and the signature is automatically included on the invoice when it is emailed to them.


Vendor Managed Inventory or other orders can be taken in the field using TBE Mobile. With the Vendor Managed Inventory system, the order taker simply scans the bin and the order is entered into the device. With the manual entry method, products are selected from a list using a full text lookup. If the user knows the part number, they can enter the order that way as well.  This ability dramatically reduces the amount of work required to process orders. It eliminates errors and it can enable orders to be filled the same day that they are taken. Everyone wins!  The customer gets world class service; the salesperson paperwork is eliminated; and the warehouse can pick the order immediately. All without the need to have the order entered by an inside rep.


Fastener and industrial supply customers are always looking to save time. If you are using TBE Mobile, they will save time and money by doing business with you.  They also can’t help but be impressed with your professionalism and efficient performance. These days everyone needs to find a competitive advantage.

TBE Mobile from Computer Insights – The Clear Differentiator.

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