May 2005 – July 2005

Release Notes – May 2005 – July 2005

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Order & Quote Entry System

  1. New Feature – A Quote cannot be entered into purchase cheapest viagra the system for a Customer that is on Credit Hold. Users will not be able to change the Quote into an Order until the Customer is taken off Credit Hold. Customers can be placed on Credit Hold or taken off of Credit hold in Enter & Edit Customers, F4-Notes, F4-Credit Hold
  2. New Feature – When using the new Duplicate Orders feature, you can now select an order by Purchase Order Number. Originally, you picture generic levitra could only select a pre-existing order by Order Number. Duplicate Orders is located in the Order & Quote Entry Menu.
  3. New report field – Order Edit Report – a column has been added for percentage of profit. In order to run this report a flag must be turned on. This report includes all detail lines of Sales Orders that were entered into the system since the last time you ran the report. Some companies like to view this report in order to catch entry errors.
  4. New Function Key – A function Key for Manual Adjustments has been added to the detail line when allocating a tracked item. It is sometimes more convenient to adjust products while you are in the screen with the on hand lot detail. You still have the ability to do a manual adjustment when you are at the Detail Line screen as well.
  5. New Warning – If you enter a Sales Order and do not put in a quantity the system will not give you a warning.

Purchase Order System

  1. New Report – Purchase Orders by User – This new report will present a listing of all Purchase Orders entered into The BUSINESS EDGE by a particular User. You can select any range of Users as well as the Date Range you would like to include. All Purchase orders, open and or closed will be presented in Purchase Order Number sequence. The information includes Vendor Code, Vendor Name, Purchase Order Number, Purchase Order Date, Time and Date of entry, and Original Purchase Order Value. A total value will be presented at the end of the report. When this report is presented to the screen, it can be exported to Excel or a text file.
  2. New Features – The existing Debit Memo system did not affect the Inventory, Accounts Payable or the General Ledger in any way. Its purpose was to simply keep track of credit that is owed to you by your vendor until you get an actual credit memo from them.
  3. The Debit Memo System has been expanded so that when you enter items on a Debit Memo you can remove them from stock by allocating them with the F5 Key in Enter & Edit Debit Memos. When you update the Debit Memo with the F12 Key on the Final Screen, your inventory will be reduced, a negative invoice will be posted to your Vendors account for the total cost of the parts you allocated plus any inbound and outbound freight you specified in the heading of the Debit Memo. The general ledger will be updated just as it is with other transactions.
  4. New Report Option – Open Po’s in Vendor Order. There is a new option when printing this report. Show PO Notes. If you answer Yes to this, any notes that have been entered into the PO Notes field will be included on this report. PO Notes can be entered in PO Inquiry, F3-Basic Information, F3-PO Notes. This is a good place to enter expediting information that can be accessed by all users with permissions to see the Inquiry.

Accounts Receivable System

  1. New Fields – Customer Web site. You can now enter your customers’ web site in Enter and Edit Customers. This new field is located in Additional Information. If you are on the internet, clicking on your customers web site address will automatically launch Internet Explorer and bring you to your Customers web site.
  2. New Report – Sales History by Customer P.O. – This new report can be run for a single Customer or any range of Customers. You also have the ability to isolate a particular Purchase Order Number from your Customer. If you leave the Purchase Order field on the report option screen blank, all Sales will be included. This report will provide you with your Customers Usage as of a particular date. Information included is Product Code, Description, Unit Sales and Dollar Sales for the previous Year, Current Year to Date, As of Month to date and individual averages for the previous 12 months. When presented to the screen this information can be exported to Excel or to a text file where you can sort and or manipulate the information.
  3. New Feature – One Time Bill To – In the past you had the ability to change the Bill to Address on an Order or Invoice but the Customer address information had to be saved in the Customer Master Record. You can now have a One Time Bill To on a Sales Order or Invoice. If you enter a One Time Bill To, the information will be saved in the Order and Invoice history but it will not be in the Customer Master File information. You can add a One Time Bill To using the F5-Bill & Ship Address function key on the final screen of the Order and or Invoice.
  4. New field – COD Cashier’s Check/Money Order Only? This is a new field in the Customer Master file. This is used with the integrated UPS Worldship system. If you did not purchase the integrated UPS Worldship, system this information would not apply.
  5. New Shipper Options – New Shippers have been added to the Customer Shipper file to accommodate the integration with the UPS Worldship feature.
  6. New User Flag – Show accumulated open total when in Customer Inquiry. When viewing Customer Open Invoices you can now choose to either see the existing format where the far right column presents the balance open on each individual invoice or you can change your User Flag to show a running balance of what your Customer owes. You can change this User Flag in F1-Help, F4 – User Flags,
  7. User Flags Accounts Receivable.
  8. Selection re-named – Customer Invoice Inquiry, which is available in the Inquiry Menu, is now called Invoice Inquiry.

Accounts Payable System

  1. New Format – When putting in a Credit Memo in Accounts Payable, the way it was presented in the General Ledger Transactions was as a negative Debit and negative Credit. It will now be presented as a Debit and Credit.
  2. New Flag – Take Accounts Payable Discount on Credits. When using Accounts Payable Checks by Date the system would create a negative discount when applying a Credit to the invoices that were being paid. You can now specify in the Vendor Payment Terms if you would like the system to take a negative discount. The default Answer is No. This can be changed in AP File Maintenance, Enter & Edit Vendor Payment Terms.
  3. New Report – List Vendors by Status – This new report will present a listing of your Vendors by Vendor Status. Vendor Status is a way to differentiate Vendors for purposes of ISO Certification. Vendors can be designated as Approved, Probationary, Grandfathered, Removed/Not Active, MRO Only, Evaluation and Quality Suspended. You can edit the Status of a Vendor in Enter & Edit Vendors, F5- Additional Information.

    Information included on this report is Vendor Code, Shipping Name and Address, Remit to Name and Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Contact, Status and Payment Terms. This report is located in Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable Reports, Vendor Lists & Labels, and then Vendor List by Status. New User Flag – AP Checks, Take Discount on Credits – If this flag is set to No and your Vendor has prompt payment terms, the system will take credits in full without giving back the discount. This User Flag can be changed by going to F1- Help, F4-User Flags, User Flags Accounts Payable.

Inventory System

  1. New Feature – Alternate Product Code Contract Prices – You now have the ability to assign Contract Prices to Alternate Part Numbers. This is helpful if you have a customer that purchases the same part with different Alternate Part Numbers where you give them different prices based on their Alternate Part Number. If you would like to use the Alternate Part Number contract pricing, the part cannot have a regular contract price related to the Product Code or that will over-ride the Alternate Part Contract Price. When entering the order you need to select the part by the Alternate Part Number that has the contract price. Alternate Part Contract Prices can be entered in Enter & Edit Products, F9- Alternates. If the Alternate Part Number already exists, simply highlight it and press enter to select it, then Press F5-Contract to enter the Contract Price for that Alternate. If it is a new Alternate Part Number, simply enter the Alternate Part Number and then press F5-Contract.
  2. New field – Certificate of analysis required – This new field, which can be set to Yes or No on a Product-by-Product basis has been added to the Inventory Master File. This field is in the F6- Stocking Information Function Key in Enter & Edit Products. This field can be updated manually in Enter and Edit Products or you can import a text file and update this field with the existing import inventory feature. This field can be printed on your Purchase Order or Processing Purchase Order forms; this would require a form change. Form changes are billed at our normal hourly rate.
  3. New field – Inspection Required – This new field that can be set to Yes or No on a Product-by-Product basis has been added to the Inventory Master File. This field is in the F6-Stocking Information Function Key in Enter & Edit Products. This field can be updated manually in Enter and Edit Products or you can import a text file and update this field with the existing import inventory feature. This field can be printed on your Purchase Order or Processing Purchase Order forms; this would require a form change. Form changes are billed at our normal hourly rate.
  4. Some of the fields from the original Stocking Information screen in Enter & Edit Products have been moved to an additional Stocking screen, which is F5 while in the original F6-Stocking information screen. These fields were moved to accommodate additional fields that have been added to the system.
  5. New Function Key – Transfer Inquiry – If you have the Branch System and utilize the Transfer System you can now see activity on a particular product. When in Product Inquiry, Press F4- Basic Information and then F9-Transfers. This inquiry will show Transfers from and to all branches along with the individual quantities being transferred.
  6. New Feature – Import for Product Properties – Many fields were added to The BUSINESS EDGE Inventory Master File so that the Integrated Able Label System would have all of the options as the stand alone system. You can now setup a spreadsheet with the Product Property values and then easily import them into the system. These fields include Product Drawing File Name, Packaging Quantity, Thread, Finish, Country, Label Format, Product Category, Left Dimension Integer, Left Dimension Numerator, Left Dimension Denominator, Right Dimension Integer, Right Dimension Numerator, and Right Dimension Denominator. Being able to import these from a spreadsheet helps in implementing the Integrated Able Label system quickly. All of these fields can be used when printing labels through the Able Label integrated system.
  7. New Report – Tracking Only – Physical Variance Report by Product. This new report will sort by Product. The existing Variance report is sorted by Location. This report can be printed or presented to the screen and put into Excel or a text file.
  8. New Report information – Customer Price List – If you are using List Price Discount Tables, the Customer Price List will now include Quantity Breaks. In the past it only printed the first price level and quantity, if you have multiple quantity breaks based on quantities purchased this report will now include all of that information.

Sales Analysis

  1. New Report Option – Customer Sales and Profit by Product will now be presented in a scrolling box the screen option is chosen. As with any other report or information in a scrolling box you can now Export it to Excel or a Text file. If the Customer(s) included in the report have their own Alternate Part Numbers in the system, those will be included with the data as well.
  2. New Report information – Product Sales by Selected Customer report will now include your Customers Alternate Product Code if this report is run by Alternate Product Code and you have your Customer’s Alternate Part Numbers setup and related to the customer in Enter & Edit Products. This report is located in Sales Analysis, Product Sales Analysis, and Product Sales by Selected Customer.
  3. New Report information – Customer Sales 12 Month Report – When exporting this report to Excel or a Text file it will now include the Primary Billing information in the data.


  1. New Security Option – View Vendor Financials – If this option is answered Yes then the User can view the Vendor Financial Fkey in Vendor Inquiry. The Vendor Financial Inquiry shows monthly charges, payments and credits.
  2. New Security Option – View Customer Financials – If this option is answered Yes then the User can view the Customer Financial Fkey in Customer Inquiry. The Customer Financial Inquiry shows monthly charges, payments and credits.
  3. Format Change – The Image Center will now store all inbound faxes as PDF’s instead of TIFF’s.
  4. New Feature – Image Center Inbound Faxing system now offers a cc line when faxing an inbound fax back out of the system.
  5. New User Flags – New flags have been added for the Image Center Inbound fax system. Instant Message Name and Notify about new Faxes – choices Never, E-Mail, Instant Message or E-Mail and Instant Message. Each User can set these flag to their preference. These flags can be accessed from the Main Menu, Press F1-Help, F4- User Flags, and then select nine. User Flags General.

New Branch Features

Branch option has been added to the Allocated Orders List

Branch Option added to Sales Journal – Customer Order

Order Inquiry will now show the fax number.