General Questions

  • The ability to improve customer service by taking customer quote requests and orders over the telephone or at the service desk, with detailed sales history, order, cost, real cialis online pricing and credit information available at your fingertips.

  • What optional systems are offered with The Business Edge?
    MULTI USER PDF Forms System
    Including eMail and Fax – This Fax System will allow each user to send faxes directly from their desk through a shared multi-user fax that uses a single I have found that this product has made me regular, stopped my IBS, and actually improved my vision. Will definitely purchase again. Levitra 10mg kaufen: generic drugs that do so should have the same therapeutic effect and therefore the same benefits as their brand-name counterparts, but at less cost. telephone line. This system comes with 5 custom tailored fax forms, and fax software. Included in System Order.

    Includes One cheap canadian pharmacy Button Freight Tracking.

    Integrated Credit Card System

    The Business Edge documentConnection

    Inbound Fax
    With this System, you can receive Faxes as Electronic Documents. They can be routed to various people electronically, propecia buy cheap viewed on the Screen, Stored in The Business Edge.

    Document Scanning
    The system is integrated into The Business Edge and when you are working in The Business Edge, you have access to many documents. They can be routed to various people electronically, viewed on the Screen, Stored in The Business Edge.

    Various scanner options available

    Able Label Alwin system (includes Datamax I4208)

    Full integration into The Business Edge

    We will tailor usage of bar codes to your needs






    Call for Quote

    Complete real time Web Integration with API’s

    This system will automate and integrate the majority of the required reporting for your Quality Certification, making Audits a breeze.



    The Warehouse Management System is a complete Receiving, Picking, Packing, Shipping System that is based on bar codes and Wireless Scanners (Scanning guns and Wireless Access Points are sold separately)



  • What do we need to purchase besides your product?
    You will need a Static IP for your Internet Service.

    If you have remote users, they will have to come in on a VPN.

    The PCs and printers that you meet the minimum requirements below.

    The Business Edge has the following minimum requirements:

    Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor
    Mac OS X v10.4.9 or later
    1GB of RAM

    Ubuntu Linux:
    Intel Pentium III processor
    (Pentium 4 recommended)
    Ubuntu 9.10
    1GB of RAM

    PC with Core Duo Technology (No Celeron’s), Windows XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 – 2 GB Main Memory and a Monitor with at least 1024 X 768 Pixels (1280 X 1024 is better) 19” or larger monitors

    HP Compatible Network ready Printers that support Postscript will work with the System. All Printers must be Network Printers – If they are not Network Compatible, HP Jet Direct Cards need to be added to your System.

    Supported Label Printers:
    Datamax Label Printers
    Zebra Stripe Printers
    Zebra (Epson Type) Printers

    Other IBM or HP Compatible Printers may work as well. Call us with your specific requirements.

    We normally provide the Server. If you intend to provide the Server, or if you are going to buy your own new one, please be sure to verify specifications with us before making any purchase commitments.

  • What kind of Pricing is supported by The Business Edge?

    The System has the ability to maintain multiple pricing levels including Customer specific pricing, along with automatic List Price control to simplify pricing control. It also has the ability to maintain multiple Cost Plus Pricing levels including Customer specific pricing, along with automatic price control to simplify pricing control. These methods can be used concurrently for different products. In addition to these common methods, it handles Commission Driven Pricing and What the Market will Bear Pricing.

  • How does The Business Edge provide ad hoc data to users?

    The BUSINESS EDGE has the ability to easily get the company database information into Excel. All the information that is sent to Excel is in a flat file format with every field repeated in every row so it can be easily sorted and processed by non-technical users. There is no SQL Server Query language to try to learn and there is no need for The BUSINESS EDGE users to know anything about the file structures in the system. We work all that out for them.

  • How long will the server software upgrade take?

    An upgrade of The Business Edge server software can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

    Things that affect the length of time an upgrade will take include but are not limited to:

    1. How old is the version they are being upgraded from. Upgrading from a version that is a year old will take longer than upgrading from a version that is a month old.
    2. The server’s Internet download speed. Some upgrades require a lot of files to be downloaded, some don’t need many. The upgrades that require big downloads are affected more by their server’s Internet download speed.
    3. Speed of their server, disk drive speed, CPU speed, amount of memory. The faster the machine the faster the upgrade will be installed.
    4. Amount of data in the file. A system with a million invoice records will take longer then a system with a thousand invoice records if the upgrade process affects the invoice file. If the upgrade does not affect the invoice file then the number of invoices won’t matter. The same is true for all of the files in the system. There are over 600 data files that may affect the amount of time an upgrade will take.

  • Can certain areas of The Business Edge be designated for only assigned users?
    Yes. There are nine different levels of security.
  • Does the system have bank reconciliation?
  • How Much Space Do Scanned Documents Take Up?

    The size of a scanned document depends on what the scanner it set to. Scan mode & DPI affect the file sizes Some scan modes: color, gray-scale and black and white. 16-bit Color, 300 DPI will look great but create huge JPG and PDF files. Black and white at 100 DPI will be grainy but create very small files.

    Some of our clients use black and white at 300 dpi and found that these settings are good enough to produced a re-printable certificates that are small enough to e-mail. Files created with these settings average .04MB per PDF page. Our system uses JPG files to allow for a quick view of the scanned document. The JPGs average 50-150KB per page

    When a client needs or prefers higher resolution or gray-scale the file sizes increase. Some prefer Grayscale at 150dpi, these settings are good for reproducing the documents. At this size you run the risk of having problems e-mailing a multi-page PDF of a certificate. The average sizes are 2MB per page for the PDF and 100KB per page for the JPG.

How would The Business Edge™ handle?

  • A customer remits a payment and the amount is different from the invoice total because of sales tax. What is your process to correct the following differences that impact the customer invoices balance and the sales tax returns for those invoices in the following circumstances:
    1. We charged sales tax on the invoice but this sale for the customer is exempt, so they paid no tax
    2. We did not charge sales tax but they do owe and they did remit it
    3. We charged them sales tax for one jurisdiction at one percentage rate but they remitted payment for a different rate in different jurisdiction?

    Using a Non-Stock Product and adjusting invoice is created with 2 line items one representing the sale amount with the incorrect tax authority and the other representing the sale amount with the correct tax authority.

    The invoice total will be either a positive or negative invoice for the tax discrepancy. This method ensures that the transaction shows properly on the sales tax reports produced by the system.

  • A customer wants to pay some invoices with a credit card. What process to use to remove the invoices as paid from the customer’s account with histories showing payment by credit card and having the monies put in our checking account, yet still having a means to rectify the credit processor’s monthly statement.

    Credit card charges are entered as a deposit on a daily basis as they occur. When entering the deposit in the reference field you will put in a reference to the credit card batch.

    You can then isolate the credit card charges in the General Ledger Cash Account to isolate the credit card charges. There is also an integrated Credit Card module available.

  • A payment is received and the name on remittance in not in our customer file and the only information provided is the total amount paid and a purchase order number. How would you determine where to apply the payment?

    The BUSINESS EDGE 2.0 includes an Order Inquiry that that enables you to look up a Customer’s Order by PO Number. If there are multiple PO’s with the same number in the system all Orders will be presented that have that PO Number.

  • We have a cash drawer for our counter sales where payment is made at the time of sale in the form of cash or a check. We need to rectify the amount in that drawer each day and remove large bills and put change for the next day. How does your system handle this?

    The Counter Sales Module has a routine to close and update the cash drawer. In this process the cash must be reconciled indicating the amount of money left in the drawer. Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are individually accounted for in the process.

  • On a multi item purchase order that is issued to a vendor, it may arrive in multiple shipments on multiple days having multiple packing lists. We must be certain what the vendor shows on heir invoice matches what we have received in our system when we setup their invoice for payment. The problem arises from our person entering the vendor invoice for payment not knowing our product, or our item numbers. So if say for instance, the vendors invoice does not match up in the same order as the packing list then the person entering the invoice does not know if what the vendor show on their invoice matches what we have received in our system. How would your system handle this situation to be sure you have properly matched the invoice with the receipt?

    Vendor Invoices for PO Receipts are tied to the PO Receipt in Enter Vendor Invoices. After entering the Invoice Amount, you click a button to see all accrued documents for that vendor. If there is more than one receipt there will be more than one PO with the PO Number. The original might be PO 5000, subsequent receipts will have a suffix of 5000-01,5000-02 etc. for each receipt. If a matching total is not found there is a button to view the document further. In most cases there is a match by totals only. If further investigation is needed there is a button on the same screen to view exactly what was received. If you have a large amount of partial shipments the receiving department could also write the revision number on the Packing list to further speed up the Invoice process.

  • We have items in our inventory that we sell just as we have them, but also from time to time we need to send one of those items to a machine shop to have them modified and then have the machine shop send the modified item on to another company that then adds plating to it, and finally it is returned to our inventory but under a different item number from the one it started. What is the procedure your system uses to:
    1. remove the item from inventory but keep its value on our books
    2. set up payables to the machine shop & platers for their work and have these amounts added to the value of the part.
    3. to receive the item into inventory under the finished item’s ID with the additional cost

    The Business Edge has a complete Processing Purchase Order System which allocates the product to the PPO process and completes all of the steps listed above. The value of the components and labor and or expense costs are used to create the value of the finished product.

  • How does your system handle paying a vendor with a credit card instead of a check, while maintaining vendor as the vendor the item was purchased?

    The Vendor invoice is entered and then paid through a Credit Card Pending GL Account. This can be done in one step. The invoices should be kept in a file to reconcile with the Credit Card Statement. When the Credit Card bill is entered those charges for vendor invoices are then coded to the Credit Card Pending Account.

  • We have items that we modify and sell as a different item. For instance we take a 12 foot piece of all thread rod that we cut into smaller pieces and sell as stud bolt instead of all thread rod. How does your system handle this so the all thread rod is removed from stock but the order to the customer show the stud bolts and the system know the cost of each stud based on the cost of the rod.

    The Business Edge uses the PPO System. This process can be done ahead of time or while Allocating the Order using the Quick PPO.

  • A customer orders some items that he needs groups of them tagged with the same information (like the job it is for). For instance the customer orders 100 of a bolt that he wants 10 of them tagged 4010, 10 tagged 501 and the next 10 is tagged with a different number until all 100 are accounted for. Then he orders 60 of a different bolt that he wants 20 pieces tagged with that same job 4010 and another 20 are tagged with that next job 501 and last 20 tagged with next job number. Does your have an easy efficient way to handle this special tagging?

    Each quantity can be entered on a separate line of an order putting the Job Number in the line Comment. Customer Package labels can then be formatted to print the Line Comment. All forms and labels are customized to your specifications.

  • How does your system handle if our customer and or vendors want their part numbers and or their bar on our packing list, invoices and purchase orders?

    The Customer and Vendor Part Numbers are tied to your internal part number in the Inventory file. When you select a part for a Customer or Vendor that has their own Part Number the system will automatically select it. All forms and labels are customized as mentioned previously; our clients typically print their Customer and Vendor Part numbers on their documents. You can also have a different description tied to their Number if you would like it to appear differently on the documents they see.

  • How does you system handle sending invoices to:
    1. more than one person at different address
    2. More than one means (one by fax, one by mail and one by email)

    The Send Invoices Routine will E-mail, Fax and or Print your Customer invoices. You can e-mail invoices to more than one e-mail address by separating the e-mail addresses by a comma. You also have the ability to setup an email address to copy or blind copy. If there is no e-mail or fax number in the customer invoice output setup the invoice will print so that they are all sent out one way or another.

  • What do you have to do if the customer wants with their invoice:
    1. A copy of the signed delivery receipt
    2. A copy documents such as Mill Test Reports or MSDS sheets that are electronically stored on the server

    The Business Edge has an optional system called documentConnection Scanning and a Certificate Management System that completely integrate those functions. Delivery Receipts can be scanned and attached to the Invoice. Certs can be automatically added to Orders and automatically print out with the Packing List.

  • We have some customers that are using a third party company to handle paperwork from issuing orders to receiving invoices for payment. This makes us duplicate our efforts. We must enter everything in our system then we must go online and enter it there too. Can your system offer any way to make this more efficient? The third party companies we must include several major VAN’s

    Each of these would be customized based on your customer and the third party handling the transactions. This would be a custom billable project.

  • We have some customers that come by our sales counter and only pick up a small amount of material that by itself is not worth the cost of the invoicing process, so we hold it and every time they come by we keep adding to the same “hold” sales order until one of two things happen:
    1. The amount is large enough to be invoiced
    2. The month ends (now considered a monthly billing)

    These customers could be handled the same way. You could allocate items to an order and have new pick tickets only include un-allocated (shipped) items for future additions. This would show the inventory as allocated – not available. You could alternatively use the Periodic (monthly) billing feature where you invoice as they pick up but only send a monthly invoice summary of what they purchased throughout the month.

  • Assuming your system has a way to send a vendor a request for pricing and delivery that has been generated by the system. Can and how would you be able to make changes and send to other vendors?

    When entering a manual Request for Quote, the system enables you to attach multiple vendors to each line item on a Request for Quote. Multiple Vendors can also be preselected to default by Product Class. When you submit to multiple vendors the system creates the required number of RFQ’s. The Automatic Replenishing System uses this same feature and also enables you to copy all items from one RFQ to a new RFQ for a different vendor.

  • A customer wants to place an order that is 90% the same as a previous order. Is there a way to copy and modify a previous order without having to re-enter it?

    The system has a Duplicate Order feature. You can simply call up the previous Order, duplicate it and edit it to conform to the current requirements.

Accounts Payable System

  • Do the payable checks print on laser or dot matrix?

    Yes, you can print checks with both laser or dot matrix printers.

Accounts Receivable System

  • How can I update contract end dates?
    You can update contact end dates by navigating to :
       Inventory System
           Inventory Reports
               Cost & Price Table Lists
                   Customer Contract Prices
                       Contract Price End Date Update

  • Does the accounting AR produce a sales tax report?

    Yes, The Business Edge will report on as many Tax Authorities as you have.

General Ledger System

  • Does The Business Edge have a General Ledger System?

    Yes, the System offers complete integration of virtually all functions of the company with automatic posting to the General Ledger, eliminating redundancy and errors.

  • Does the software/application automatically close all income statement accounts into retained earnings when performing a year-end closing or is a manual closing entry required?

    Yes, The Business Edge automatically closes all the income statement accounts into retained earnings. No manual closing entry is needed.

  • Will the system alert you to any out of balance transactions or entries before they are processed or posted or does it automatically balance the transaction or entry by using a predetermined balancing account?

    The system will automatically alert you to an out of balance condition before the posting is made.

  • Will the system allow a “one-sided” or out of balance general journal adjusting entry to be made?

    Yes. It will warn you that it is out of balance and ask you if you really meant to do it. It will allow you to complete the transaction though because a hardware malfunction or other reason could make it necessary to make an out of balance transaction. The system will give you a report of any out of balance transactions that have been entered as well.

Inventory System

  • Can I do Vendor Managed Inventory programs with The Business Edge?

    Yes, the System has the ability to use Palm Pilots to efficiently take orders at the Customer sites in order to save time and eliminate errors. These Bin Stocking or Vendor Managed Inventory Systems create tremendous Customer loyalty and they improve profit margins. This will also greatly improve the in-office operations as well since they can be uploaded to the The BUSINESS EDGE automatically.

  • Lot Control is very important to me, how does The Business Edge handle that?

    The System includes the ability to have Lot Control that is fully integrated into daily processing so that traceability requirements can be met with a minimum of additional clerical work. There is complete traceability to the raw part or components for any processed or assembled items. Not all products need to be Lot Tracked, but once you choose a product for Lot Tracking, the System automatically controls the entire process. The ability to maintain Lot Control and traceability on Finished Goods and Secondary Processes, including Traceability to the Lot Numbers of the Components meets the requirements of the FQA.

  • My Customers are always asking us to use their Part Numbers. Can The Business Edge help with this?

    Yes, the System has the ability to maintain multiple Customer Part Numbers, Descriptions and Prices for each “in house” Part Number with a look up by Customer Part Number so that Customers can talk to you in their “own language”. It will also maintain as many Vendor Part Numbers and Catalog Numbers (not associated with either Customers or Vendors). Once these numbers are entered into the system, they automatically appear on any screen, form or label that relates to that Customer.

Processing P.O. System

  • Can I handle my Plating and other Secondary Processes in The Business Edge?

    Yes, the System includes the ability to maintain complete control of items that are sent out for Secondary Processing, including Lot Traceability and Location Tracking.

  • What is the biggest timesaver when it comes to Purchasing?

    The BUSINESS EDGE includes an Automatic Reorder System that will examine usage and requirements and automatically create Requests for Quote, Purchase Orders and Processing Purchase Orders. The System knows what type of document to create and if it is creating a Processing Purchase Order, it will look to see if there are enough Raw Parts in stock and if there isn’t, it will create a Purchase Order for the Raw Part as well. The time savings and accuracy are amazing.

Reports & Analysis

  • Is there any Sales Reporting in The Business Edge?

    The System has the ability to have detailed Sales Analysis that can be selected by Customer, Product, Salesperson or any combination of these. All this information can be sent to Excel with the click of a button. There are also ranking reports showing who bought the most or least of any group of items. The system ranks both products and Customers based on Net Sales, Gross Profit or Percentage of Gross Profit. It will rank any number of items from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.