Dennis Cowhey

Dennis has been with Computer Insight since 1981. Prior to designing The BUSINESS EDGE, he authored a complete integrated custom system for a $100,000,000.00 per year Steel Distributor and a complete integrated custom system for a $25,000,000.00 Fastener Distributor.

Jim Dyskie 

Jim has extensive experience providing front-line support for hardware and software programs. He is taking advantage of his knowledge in his sales job. He received his degree with honors at College of DuPage in Illinois.

Diane Miller
Vice President of Operations

Diane has a BS in Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Roosevelt University. She has been with Computer Insights since 1995. She was formerly responsible for all Systems, Programming and General Administration at a $50,000.000.00 per year Distributor, North Shore Supply, Inc.


Mike Van Name
Vice President of Development

Michael has spent the past 18 years in the Fastener Business. He has a BS in Management with a minor in Computer Science and an MBA from Lehigh University. He developed Software in conjunction with Computer Insights to handle shop floor control in a manufacturing environment. He has been programming in The BUSINESS EDGE since 1999 and he joined Computer Insights in 2004.


Angela Amico
Customer Support

Angela has spent many years in customer service, consulting and office management tasks. Angela is a highly experienced and well-liked training and support representative.

Jeremy Johson
Programming & Customer Support

Jeremy works primarily with our GUI Interface He also uses Perl, PHP, Pike, Linux, Mac OSX, Shell Scripting, CSH, TCSH, BASH, Qmail, Sendmail, and Linux Virtual Server.


Gary Adamik
Operating Systems & Field Engineering

Gary has extensive knowledge of Operating Systems and programming. He received his technical education at DeVry University.


Lee Howard
Linux & Hylafax Specialist

Lee has an extensive background in UNIX (Linux and BSD), Microsoft Windows Mac OS, PC Hardware, MySQL, PHP, and E-mail processing.


Nick West
Customer Support

Nick has worked in all aspects of a fastener distributor. He has experience in everything from customer support to the warehouse to the front office including all accounting functions.


Rachel L. Wiser
Programming & Customer Support

Rachel has a BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University.  She has extensive training in several programming languages including C++, C, COBOL, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and PHP.


Chris Spradlin
Customer Support

Chris studied Business Administration and Computer Science. She has held positions in Office Administration with experience in Bookkeeping and Database Management.