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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of Comptuer Insights, Inc. In this section you will find the most recently asked questions and the answer to those questions

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Recently Asked Questions

Do the payable checks print on laser or dot matrix?

Yes, you can print checks with both laser or dot matrix printers.

Master Customer for Invoicing/Statements and Credit Checks

The BUSINESS EDGE introduces a new feature: The Master Customer for Invoicing/Statements and Credit Checks. This is a great new feature that will enable you to have a Master Customer for Billing and Statement purposes and other Customer accounts for Order processing and History.

All Accounts Receivable Invoices will be reflected in the Master Customer and all Sales History will be in the individual Accounts.

This feature is simple to use. The Billing Customer Account is assigned to the Shipping Accounts as the Master Customer for Billing/Statements and Credit Check. All invoices will be sent to the Billing Address and will be reflected in the Billing Addresses Open Accounts Receivable. All Sales Orders and History will be linked to the Shipping Account.

If you would like to use this new feature you may want to start on the first of a month so there is a clean cutoff on your billing to different accounts.

In order to utilize this helpful feature follow the instructions below:

All Customer Accounts must be setup in Enter & Edit Customers. In Enter & Edit Customers you will assign the Customer Account you want to be billed in the Shipping Accounts. The default setting is they are set to bill to their own account.

This can be done in the Text interface in Enter & Edit Customers, F5 More, F8 Master Customer. In the Graphical Interface this can be done in Enter & Edit Customers, Financial Settings, Master Customer.

How can I update contract end dates?

You can update contact end dates by navigating to :

   Inventory System
       Inventory Reports
           Cost & Price Table Lists
               Customer Contract Prices
                   Contract Price End Date Update
Does the accounting AR produce a sales tax report?

Yes, The Business Edge will report on as many Tax Authorities as you have.

User Flags-General Ledger

Show One Line per Transaction- This User flag pertains to the General Ledger Transaction Inquiry. The Transaction Inquiry will show all transactions or selected transactions for any General Ledger Account Number. If you answer yes to this option when printing or viewing this report on the screen, only a single line will be presented for each transaction. This makes the inquiry easier to read, preventing it from wrapping information to a second line. When printing your checkbook transactions for instance you want to present a nice neat report. This is simply a default and can be changed at any time when generating this report.

Show Transaction Distribution-This User flag pertains to the General Ledger Transaction Inquiry. The Transaction Inquiry will show all transaction or selected transaction for any General Ledger Account Number. If you do not need to see the transaction distribution, (all accounts included in entry) answer No here. This will shorten the inquiry and make it easier to read. This is simply a default and can be changed at any time while generating the report.

Default JE Update Answer- When exiting the Enter & Edit Journal Entry selection the system prompts the User to Update the Journal Entries that were entered. This is the default answer to the Update question. If you default this to No, you will need to type in a Y or 1 to update your batch of Journal Entries. If you default this to Yes, you will be able to simply press Esc at the update screen and the batch will update.

Financial Reports Show GL Code- If you answer (Yes) to this when you run any financial reports the General Ledger Code will display on the report.

F2-General Flags- The following Flags pertain to the system overall.

F3- Printers- Default Printers each User can select the printers that they would like to be the default when printing documents from the styem. When you print the particular document, the default printer will be selected automatically. You then have the option of changing the default printer by simply pressing spacebar and enter or clicking on the lookup button. While in User Flags-Order Entry you can view or change you default printer by clicking on printers on the right side of the screen. You will see the screen below. Simply click on the lookup button or press spacebar enter to see a drop down list of available printers.

F4- Aging Flags- These options are located on the right side of the screen, click on the button or press F4. These flags relate to the Aged Analysis Report. These Aged Analysis Flags allow Users to contour the report to fit their Company requirements. The standard default is to Print Customer Code, Name and Telephone Number. Note that selecting some of these flags will add to the length of the report. You can also make changes to these flags on the fly while you are selecting the report.