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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The ability to improve customer service by taking customer quote requests and orders over the telephone or at the service desk, with detailed sales history, order, cost, pricing and credit information available at your fingertips.

The Business Edge has the ability to easily get the company database information into Excel. All the information that is sent to Excel is in a flat file format with every field repeated in every row so it can be easily sorted and processed by non-technical users. There is no SQL Server Query language to try to learn and there is no need for The Business Edge users to know anything about the file structures in the system. We work all that out for them.

The Business Edge includes an Automatic Reorder System that will examine usage and requirements and automatically create Requests for Quote, Purchase Orders and Processing Purchase Orders. The System knows what type of document to create and if it is creating a Processing Purchase Order, it will look to see if there are enough Raw Parts in stock and if there isn’t, it will create a Purchase Order for the Raw Part as well. The time savings and accuracy are amazing.

Yes, the System has the ability to maintain Raw and Landed Cost on any item. It also has the ability to handle multiple currencies (any currency). It has the ability to enter Laid in Cost after the fact if Freight Invoices or Duty Invoices come in later. It also has the ability to maintain a Standard Cost on each item.

Yes, the System includes the ability to maintain complete control of items that are sent out for Secondary Processing, including Lot Traceability and Location Tracking.

The System has the ability to have detailed Sales Analysis that can be selected by Customer, Product, Salesperson or any combination of these. All this information can be sent to Excel with the click of a button. There are also ranking reports showing who bought the most or least of any group of items. The system ranks both products and Customers based on Net Sales, Gross Profit or Percentage of Gross Profit. It will rank any number of items from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.

Yes, the System has the ability to maintain multiple Customer Part Numbers, Descriptions and Prices for each “in house” Part Number with a look up by Customer Part Number so that Customers can talk to you in their “own language”. It will also maintain as many Vendor Part Numbers and Catalog Numbers (not associated with either Customers or Vendors). Once these numbers are entered into the system, they automatically appear on any screen, form or label that relates to that Customer.

The System includes the ability to have Lot Control that is fully integrated into daily processing so that traceability requirements can be met with a minimum of additional clerical work. There is complete traceability to the raw part or components for any processed or assembled items. Not all products need to be Lot Tracked, but once you choose a product for Lot Tracking, the System automatically controls the entire process. The ability to maintain Lot Control and traceability on Finished Goods and Secondary Processes, including Traceability to the Lot Numbers of the Components meets the requirements of the FQA.

The System offers complete integration of virtually all functions of the company with automatic posting to the General Ledger, eliminating redundancy and errors.

The System has the ability to maintain multiple pricing levels including Customer specific pricing, along with automatic List Price control to simplify pricing control. It also has the ability to maintain multiple Cost Plus Pricing levels including Customer specific pricing, along with automatic price control to simplify pricing control. These methods can be used concurrently for different products. In addition to these common methods, it handles Commission Driven Pricing and What the Market will Bear Pricing.

Yes, the System has the ability to use Palm Pilots to efficiently take orders at the Customer sites in order to save time and eliminate errors. These Bin Stocking or Vendor Managed Inventory Systems create tremendous Customer loyalty and they improve profit margins. This will also greatly improve the in-office operations as well since they can be uploaded to the The Business Edge automatically.

Yes. It will warn you that it is out of balance and ask you if you really meant to do it. It will allow you to complete the transaction though because a hardware malfunction or other reason could make it necessary to make an out of balance transaction. The system will give you a report of any out of balance transactions that have been entered as well.

Yes, The Business Edge automatically closes all the income statement accounts into retained earnings. No manual closing entry is needed.